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Gliders are Equipment and Pal Gear that allow the player to slow or stop their fall, while moving in any horizontal direction. Gliding consumes the player's own stamina, regardless of the chosen Glider.

The act of gliding is initiated by jumping while in midair. After a short period of time, gliding can be cancelled by jumping again.

All gliders can inherit the player's velocity and maintain it without slowing down. For example, sliding down a long slope to build up speed, jumping, then gliding can result in impressive aerial traversal.


Some available Gliders are equippable Items. They can be unequipped at will, and can never lose durability.

Craftable Gliders
Technology Tech Level Cost Item's Weight
Normal Parachute 5 2 10.0
Mega Glider 18 2 15.0
Giga Glider 40 3 20.0

Pals As Gliders

Certain Pals can be used as a Glider. Often, these Pals have very unique effects associated with their usage as one. All Pals that can be used as a Glider require an associated Pal Gear item, unlocked via Technology.

If a Pal is deployed and their Partner Skill is used simultaneously, the Pal may be undeployed and effectively recalled to their Pal Sphere, due to appearing in the player's hands as they initiate gliding. This is an alternative way to remove your Pal as a combatant or assistant, which may be an advantage or disadvantage.

If a Glider Pal is defeated in combat, they will no longer be usable as a Glider. Therefore, it can still be useful to equip a crafted Glider item, even if you normally rely on a Glider Pal.

Pal Gear GlidersPal Gear Gliders
Technology Tech Level Cost Effect(s)
Celaray's Gloves 7 1 Far more stamina-efficient, long-distance gliding ability than the Normal Parachute.
Killamari's Gloves 9 1 Has little-to-no vertical drop on initial deployment, resulting in about fully horizontal movement for a time.
Hangyu's Gloves 20 1 Gain vertical height on initial deployment.
Galeclaw's Gloves 23 1 Extremely high base speed, much faster than sprinting.

Allows Crossbows and all Guns to be fired while still gliding. (Reloading is possible, but disengages gliding.)

Hangyu Cryst's Glove 31 1 Gain vertical height on initial deployment.

Gliders attributes

Max speed Gravity scale Air control Stamina cost
Default 1000 0.0300 1.0 -
Level 1 1150 0.0275 1.0 9
Level 2 1300 0.0250 1.0 8
Level 3 1500 0.0225 1.0 7
Level 4 1700 0.0200 1.0 6
Max speed Gravity scale Air control Stamina cost
Default 500 0.013 - 8
Level 1 600 0.011 - 6.5
Level 2 700 0.009 - 6.5
Level 3 800 0.007 - 3.5
Level 4 900 0.005 - 2
Max speed Gravity scale Air control Stamina cost
Default 600 0.016 - 10
Level 1 750 0.014 - 8.5
Level 2 900 0.012 - 7
Level 3 1050 0.01 - 5.5
Level 4 1200 0.008 - 4


  • The glider's "draw" animation is similar to that of the gliders in Fortnite.
  • Gliding has a similar stamina consumption mechanic as in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom.
    • Palworld's implementation has a minor difference. Unlike in Zelda, the 'tail' seen on the stamina bar does not represent stamina remaining, though it does represent stamina consumption per second.