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Alpha Pals icon.pngAlpha Pals are larger Pals which appear at predefined locations in the world, visible on the world map, or spawn at the end of Dungeons icon.pngDungeons.

Alpha Pals also have a small chance to hatch from eggs.

Differences Between Pals

Alpha Pals do not have higher stats (HP icon.pngHP, Attack icon.pngAttack, Defense icon.pngDefense, etc) than regular Pals.[1] They do, however, have a few differences compared to regular Pals:

  • When killed, they grant 10x more experience than their regular variant would grant.
  • The damage they receive are multiplied by a factor from 0.2 to 0.4 (depending on the specific Alpha Pal). This makes them last longer in combat.
  • The capture rate is different, usually lower than the regular Pal. In most cases, the multiplier factor is 0.7 or 0.77.
  • The possible drops are different for Alpha Pals. See Possible Drops section below.
  • Alpha Pals have a higher value when sold to a Merchant than their regular variants.

In addition, when an Alpha Pal is caught, the Alpha Pals icon.pngAlpha Pals icon is displayed next to its name in most interfaces.

Possible Drops

Alpha Pals have additional possible drops beyond their normal counterparts. When defeated or caught, they will always drop Ancient Civilization Parts icon.pngAncient Civilization Parts, and will sometimes drop items to be sold like Precious Pelt icon.pngPrecious Pelts or Precious Dragon Stone icon.pngPrecious Dragon Stones.

Certain Alpha Pals have a small chance to drop Legendary Blueprints. For example, the Beakon boss has a 3% chance to drop Handgun Schematic 4 when defeated.

When a specific Alpha Pal on the world map is defeated or caught for the first time, they provide the player with Ancient Technology Points.

These drops (including Schematics but excluding Ancient Technology Points) can be granted by Butchering Pals, allowing two chances to get the desired drops.[2]

Sealed Alpha Pals

Sealed Alpha Pals exist within their own Sealed Realms, which the player can enter to fight the boss in.

List of Alpha Pals

Below is a table of all available Alpha Pals, along with their levels and approximate coordinates on the world map.

Pal Level Title Sealed? Coordinates
Chillet icon.pngChillet 11 Dancer of the Plains No 172, -419
Gumoss icon.pngGumoss 11 Suddenly Transformed No -113, -628
Sweepa icon.pngSweepa 11 Majesty of Fuzz No -228, -592
Dumud icon.pngDumud 14 Perpetual Procrastinator No -309, 6
Penking icon.pngPenking 15 Pioneer of the Frozen Sea Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings 113, -353
Azurobe icon.pngAzurobe 17 Lady of the Lake No -52, -387
Grintale icon.pngGrintale 17 Marshmallow Body No 335, -245
Nitewing icon.pngNitewing 18 Wings of the Firmament No -275, -70
Broncherry icon.pngBroncherry 23 Winds of Spring No -222, -669
Bushi icon.pngBushi 23 Vagrant Warrior Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster -117, -490
Felbat icon.pngFelbat 23 Gloom-shrouded Bloodsucker Sealed Realm of the Abyssal Nights -410, -55
Katress icon.pngKatress 23 Phantasmal Feline Sealed Realm of the Invincible 240, -330
Kingpaca icon.pngKingpaca 23 Supreme Fluff Commander No 49, -460
Quivern icon.pngQuivern 23 Wings of White Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant -256, -131
Fenglope icon.pngFenglope 25 Drifting Cloud No -257, -458
Petallia icon.pngPetallia 28 Lady of the Garden Sealed Realm of Spirits -19, -264
Beakon icon.pngBeakon 29 Wings of Thunder No -345, -252
Broncherry Aqua icon.pngBroncherry Aqua 30 Waves of Summer No -167, -448
Elphidran icon.pngElphidran 30 Gentle Sky Dragon No 44, -282
Warsect icon.pngWarsect 30 Unyielding Colossus Sealed Realm of the Stalwart 160, -225
Elizabee icon.pngElizabee 31 Empress of the Hive No 20, -160
Mossanda Lux icon.pngMossanda Lux 31 Inheritor of the Storm No 450, -180
Relaxaurus Lux icon.pngRelaxaurus Lux 31 Gluttonous Thunder Dragon Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon -200, -344
Univolt icon.pngUnivolt 31 Swift Deity No -116, -542
Lunaris icon.pngLunaris 32 Extraterrestrial Sealed Realm of the Esoteric -147, -660
Verdash icon.pngVerdash 35 Gale of the Forest Sealed Realm of the Swift 258, 10
Mammorest icon.pngMammorest 38 King of the Forest No 190, -478
Vaelet icon.pngVaelet 38 Voice of the Violets Sealed Realm of the Guardian 130, -50
Wumpo Botan icon.pngWumpo Botan 38 Guardian of the Grassy Fields No 450, -50
Sibelyx icon.pngSibelyx 40 Pallid Lady Sealed Realm of the Pristine 250, 70
Menasting icon.pngMenasting 44 Unstoppable Stinger No 515, 100
Jormuntide icon.pngJormuntide 45 Emperor of the Sea No 350, -85 and

-176, -266

Suzaku icon.pngSuzaku 45 Ruler of the Crimson Dawn No 405, 255
Kingpaca Cryst icon.pngKingpaca Cryst 46 Azure Fluff Commander No -230, 470
Anubis icon.pngAnubis 47 Guardian of the Dark Sun No -134, -94
Dinossom Lux icon.pngDinossom Lux 47 Guardian of Lightning No 350, 538
Astegon icon.pngAstegon 48 Ravager of Stars No -615, -429
Blazamut icon.pngBlazamut 49 Cursed Tyrant No -442, -561
Lyleen Noct icon.pngLyleen Noct 49 Empress of the Abyss No -169, 343
Jetragon icon.pngJetragon 50 Legendary Celestial Dragon No -789, -321
Frostallion icon.pngFrostallion 50 Legendary Steed of Ice No -358, 509
Paladius icon.pngPaladius 50 Holy Knight of Legend No 445, 680
Necromus icon.pngNecromus 50 Dark Knight of Legend No 445, 680