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Materials are a category of item which generally serve no purpose, other than to be used in crafting for other items, or to be sold to Wandering Merchants for Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coins.


Money are items used as currency by Merchants to obtain Pals or other items.

Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coin is the only Money in the game, and is used by the Wandering Merchant, Pal Merchant, and Black Marketeer.


This sub-category of Materials are gathered in the wild, or crafted from other Resources, and are used primarily as crafting materials.

Resource Used In
Wood icon.pngWood See Wood for more info.
Fiber icon.pngFiber See Fiber for more info.
Stone icon.pngStone See Stone for more info.
Paldium Fragment icon.pngPaldium Fragment See Paldium Fragment for more info.
Ore icon.pngOre Ingot icon.pngIngot, Refined Ingot icon.pngRefined Ingot
Coal icon.pngCoal Refined Ingot icon.pngRefined Ingot
Pure Quartz icon.pngPure Quartz Circuit Board icon.pngCircuit Board
Charcoal icon.pngCharcoal Gunpowder icon.pngGunpowder, Refined Ingot icon.pngRefined Ingot
Sulfur icon.pngSulfur Gunpowder icon.pngGunpowder
Cloth icon.pngCloth See Cloth for more info.
High Quality Cloth icon.pngHigh Quality Cloth See High Quality Cloth for more info.
Nail icon.pngNail See Nail for more info.
Polymer icon.pngPolymer See Polymer for more info.
Carbon Fiber icon.pngCarbon Fiber See Carbon Fiber for more info.
Ingot icon.pngIngot See Ingot for more info.
Refined Ingot icon.pngRefined Ingot See Refined Ingot for more info.
Pal Metal Ingot icon.pngPal Metal Ingot See Pal Metal Ingot for more info.
Circuit Board icon.pngCircuit Board See Circuit Board for more info.

Pal Items

This sub-category of Materials are dropped by various types of Pals, and are used primarily as crafting materials.

Pal Items
Pal Item Used In
Leather icon.pngLeather See Leather for more info.
Bone icon.pngBone See Bone for more info.
Wool icon.pngWool See Wool for more info.
Horn icon.pngHorn See Horn for more info.
Flame Organ icon.pngFlame Organ See Flame Organ for more info.
Electric Organ icon.pngElectric Organ See Electric Organ for more info.
Pal Fluids icon.pngPal Fluids See Pal Fluids for more info.
Ice Organ icon.pngIce Organ See Ice Organ for more info.
Venom Gland icon.pngVenom Gland See Venom Gland for more info.

Pal Souls

Pal Souls are items dropped by Alpha Pals or found in Chests. They are used at the Power Statue in the Pal Enhancement process to increase the stats of your Pals.

Pal Souls
Pal Soul
Small Pal Soul icon.pngSmall Pal Soul
Medium Pal Soul icon.pngMedium Pal Soul
Large Pal Soul icon.pngLarge Pal Soul


Seeds are items obtained in the wild, crafted from Ingredients, or purchased from Wandering Merchants. They are used to build Plantations at the base. Additional seeds are not needed to grow crops in the plantation, so additional seeds have no other use.

Seed Plantation Item Produced
Berry Seeds icon.pngBerry Seeds Berry Plantation icon.pngBerry Plantation Red Berries icon.pngRed Berries
Wheat Seeds icon.pngWheat Seeds Wheat Plantation icon.pngWheat Plantation Wheat icon.pngWheat
Lettuce Seeds icon.pngLettuce Seeds Lettuce Plantation icon.pngLettuce Plantation Lettuce icon.pngLettuce
Tomato Seeds icon.pngTomato Seeds Tomato Plantation icon.pngTomato Plantation Tomato icon.pngTomato

Precious Items

Precious items are items dropped by Alpha Pals. They have zero Weight, and they can be sold to Wandering Merchants for Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coins.

Precious Items
Precious Item Sell Value
Precious Pelt icon.pngPrecious Pelt Gold Coin icon.png 500
Precious Claw icon.pngPrecious Claw Gold Coin icon.png 650
Precious Plume icon.pngPrecious Plume Gold Coin icon.png 750
Precious Entrails icon.pngPrecious Entrails Gold Coin icon.png 850
Precious Dragon Stone icon.pngPrecious Dragon Stone Gold Coin icon.png 1000


Jewelry are a set of items obtained from Chests, either found in the world or in Dungeons, as well as dropped by Alpha Pals. They can be sold to Wandering Merchants for Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coins.

Jewelry Sell Value
Ruby icon.pngRuby Gold Coin icon.png 500
Sapphire icon.pngSapphire Gold Coin icon.png 750
Emerald icon.pngEmerald Gold Coin icon.png 1000
Diamond icon.pngDiamond Gold Coin icon.png 1250