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Pals can use Active Skills in battle to fight against their foes.

Using Active Skills

Pals naturally learn their own set of Active Skills as they level up.
Skills can also be learned by feeding Pals Skill Fruit found hanging from trees in the world. You may use a Skill Fruit to teach any Pal the skill it contains. There is no limit to how many Active Skills a Pal may learn, except that they may only learn each one once.

Each Pal can have up to 3 Active Skills enabled at a time. You can swap a Pal's learned Active Skills by viewing them via the Party menu or the Palbox.

When riding a Pal, a player can use the Pal's Active Skills manually.
Each skill has a cooldown time (CT) before it may be used again.

List of Active Skills

Name Element CT Power Description Skill Fruit
Acid Rain Water icon.pngWater 18 80 Creates acidic clouds that pour down acid rain on enemies Water Skill Fruit: Acid Rain icon.pngWater Skill Fruit: Acid Rain
Air Cannon Neutral icon.pngNeutral 2 25 Quickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air. Skill Fruit: Air Cannon icon.pngSkill Fruit: Air Cannon
Aqua Burst Water icon.pngWater 30 100 Creates a giant ball of water and hurls it at an enemy. Water Skill Fruit: Aqua Burst icon.pngWater Skill Fruit: Aqua Burst
Aqua Gun Water icon.pngWater 4 40 Hurls a ball of water straight at an enemy. Water Skill Fruit: Aqua Gun icon.pngWater Skill Fruit: Aqua Gun
Blizzard Spike Ice icon.pngIce 45 130 Creates a giant lump of ice and hurls it at any enemy. It deals damage to those in the surrounding area upon impact. Ice Skill Fruit: Blizzard Spike icon.pngIce Skill Fruit: Blizzard Spike
Bubble Blast Water icon.pngWater 13 65 Fires numerous bubbles that slowly pursue an enemy. Water Skill Fruit: Bubble Blast icon.pngWater Skill Fruit: Bubble Blast
Cryst Breath Ice icon.pngIce 22 90 Enshrouds an enemy in a frigid blast of air, dealing continuous damage. Ice Skill Fruit: Cryst Breath icon.pngIce Skill Fruit: Cryst Breath
Dark Ball Dark icon.pngDark 4 40 Unleases a sphere of darkness that slowly tracks down the enemy. Unknown icon.pngDark Skill Fruit: Dark Ball
Dark Laser Dark icon.pngDark 55 150 Charges dark energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam. Dark Skill Fruit: Dark Laser icon.pngDark Skill Fruit: Dark Laser
Draconic Breath Dragon icon.pngDragon 15 70 Exhales breath imbued with draconic energy, dealing continous damage to those in front of it. Dragon Skill Fruit: Draconic Breath icon.pngDragon Skill Fruit: Draconic Breath
Dragon Burst Dragon icon.pngDragon 10 55 Quickly discharges draconic energy, damaging those around it. Dragon Skill Fruit: Dragon Burst icon.pngDragon Skill Fruit: Dragon Burst
Dragon Cannon Dragon icon.pngDragon 2 30 Hurls an energy ball imbued with draconic energy at an enemy. Dragon Skill Fruit: Dragon Cannon icon.pngDragon Skill Fruit: Dragon Cannon
Dragon Meteor Dragon icon.pngDragon 55 150 Calls down numerous small meteorites and launches them at an enemy. Dragon Skill Fruit: Dragon Meteor icon.pngDragon Skill Fruit: Dragon Meteor
Electric Ball Electric icon.pngElectric 9 50 Fires an electric ball that slowly pursues an enemy. Electric Skill Fruit: Electric Ball icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Electric Ball
Fire Ball Fire icon.pngFire 55 150 Creates a giant ball of flames and hurls it at an enemy. The ball explodes over a wide area upon impact. Fire Skill Fruit: Fire Ball icon.pngFire Skill Fruit: Fire Ball
Flare Arrow Fire icon.pngFire 10 55 Fires three flaming arrows in succession that home in on an enemy. Fire Skill Fruit: Flare Arrow icon.pngFire Skill Fruit: Flare Arrow
Flare Storm Fire icon.pngFire 18 80 Generates two flaming tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy. Fire Skill Fruit: Flare Storm icon.pngFire Skill Fruit: Flare Storm
Grass Tornado Grass icon.pngGrass 18 80 Generates two tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy. Grass Skill Fruit: Grass Tornado icon.pngGrass Skill Fruit: Grass Tornado
Hydro Jet Water icon.pngWater 2 30 Hurls a high speed ball of water at an enemy. Water Skill Fruit: Hydro Jet icon.pngWater Skill Fruit: Hydro Jet
Hydro Laser Water icon.pngWater 55 150 Shoots pressurized water at extreme velocities, sweeping over a wide area in front of it. Water Skill Fruit: Hydro Laser icon.pngWater Skill Fruit: Hydro Laser
Ice Missile Ice icon.pngIce 3 30 Creates ice lances in the air that fly towards enemies. Ice Skill Fruit: Ice Missile icon.pngIce Skill Fruit: Ice Missile
Iceberg Ice icon.pngIce 15 70 Summons a sharp ice lance under an enemy. Ice Skill Fruit: Iceberg icon.pngIce Skill Fruit: Iceberg
Icicle Cutter Ice icon.pngIce 10 55 Creates a crescent blade of ice and hurls it forward. Ice Skill Fruit: Icicle Cutter icon.pngIce Skill Fruit: Icicle Cutter
Ignis Blast Fire icon.pngFire 2 30 Hurls a ball of fire straight at an enemy. Fire Skill Fruit: Ignis Blast icon.pngFire Skill Fruit: Ignis Blast
Ignis Breath Fire icon.pngFire 15 70 Shoots flames at an enemy, dealing continuous damage. Fire Skill Fruit: Ignis Breath icon.pngFire Skill Fruit: Ignis Breath
Ignis Rage Fire icon.pngFire 40 120 Energizes the surrounding ground, causing it to explode after a set amount of time. Fire Skill Fruit: Ignis Rage icon.pngFire Skill Fruit: Ignis Rage
Implode Neutral icon.pngNeutral 55 230 Risks its life to cause a violent explosion. Becomes incapacitated afterwards. Skill Fruit: Implode icon.pngSkill Fruit: Implode
Lightning Bolt Electric icon.pngElectric 55 150 Charges electric energy before blasting enemies with a powerful shock. Electric Skill Fruit: Lightning Bolt icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Lightning Bolt
Lightning Streak Electric icon.pngElectric 16 75 Generates a lightning bolt that moves forward in a line. Electric Skill Fruit: Lightning Streak icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Lightning Streak
Lightning Strike Electric icon.pngElectric 40 120 Acts as a lightning rod, calling down thunderbolts that electrocute the surrounding area. Electric Skill Fruit: Lightning Strike icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Lightning Strike
Lock-on Laser Electric icon.pngElectric 15 70 Takes aim at an enemy before firing a super high speed laser. Electric Skill Fruit: Lock-on Laser icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Lock-on Laser
Nightmare Ball Dark icon.pngDark 30 100 Creates a giant ball of darkness and hurls it at an enemy. Dark Skill Fruit: Nightmare Ball icon.pngDark Skill Fruit: Nightmare Ball
Pal Blast Neutral icon.pngNeutral 55 150 Charges destructive energy before firing a high-powered beam forward across a wide area. Skill Fruit: Pal Blast icon.pngSkill Fruit: Pal Blast
Plasma Tornado Electric icon.pngElectric 13 65 Creates two balls of electric energy that fire numerous bolts of lightning at enemies. Electric Skill Fruit: Plasma Tornado icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Plasma Tornado
Poison Blast Dark icon.pngDark 2 30 Hurls poison sludge at an enemy. Dark Skill Fruit: Poison Blast icon.pngDark Skill Fruit: Poison Blast
Poison Fog Dark icon.pngDark 30 0 Generates a fog of poison in front, causing the opponent to become poisoned. Unknown icon.pngDark Skill Fruit: Poison Fog
Power Bomb Neutral icon.pngNeutral 15 70 Charges a massive amount of energy before firing a large destructive ball. Skill Fruit: Power Bomb icon.pngSkill Fruit: Power Bomb
Power Shot Neutral icon.pngNeutral 4 35 Charges energy into a focused blast. Skill Fruit: Power Shot icon.pngSkill Fruit: Power Shot
Rock Lance Ground icon.pngGround 55 150 Generates a sharp rock spear under an enemy. Earth Skill Fruit: Rock Lance icon.pngEarth Skill Fruit: Rock Lance
Sand Blast Ground icon.pngGround 4 40 Hurls sticky mud at an enemy. Earth Skill Fruit: Sand Blast icon.pngEarth Skill Fruit: Sand Blast
Sand Tornado Ground icon.pngGround 18 80 Generates two sand tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy. Earth Skill Fruit: Sand Tornado icon.pngEarth Skill Fruit: Sand Tornado
Seed Machine Gun Grass icon.pngGrass 9 50 Fires a volley of hard seeds at enemies in front of it. Grass Skill Fruit: Seed Machine Gun icon.pngGrass Skill Fruit: Seed Machine Gun
Seed Mine Grass icon.pngGrass 13 65 If it hits an enemy, the seed explodes. Grass Skill Fruit: Seed Mine icon.pngGrass Skill Fruit: Seed Mine
Shadow Burst Dark icon.pngDark 10 55 Quickly discharges dark energy, damaging those around it. Dark Skill Fruit: Shadow Burst icon.pngDark Skill Fruit: Shadow Burst
Shockwave Electric icon.pngElectric 4 40 Quickly discharges electricity, shacking those around it. Electric Skill Fruit: Shockwave icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Shockwave
Solar Blast Grass icon.pngGrass 55 150 Charges solar energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam. Grass Skill Fruit: Solar Blast icon.pngGrass Skill Fruit: Solar Blast
Spark Blast Electric icon.pngElectric 2 30 The user releases a lightning ball that expands outward in a forward, circular pattern. Electric Skill Fruit: Spark Blast icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Spark Blast
Spine Vine Grass icon.pngGrass 25 95 Generates spiny thorns that chase an enemy along the ground, piercing them from below. Grass Skill Fruit: Spine Vine icon.pngGrass Skill Fruit: Spine Vine
Spirit Fire Fire icon.pngFire 7 45 Shoots fireballs towards an enemy. The fireballs explode after a short distance, generating smaller fireballs that spread forward. Fire Skill Fruit: Spirit Fire icon.pngFire Skill Fruit: Spirit Fire
Spirit Flame Dark icon.pngDark 16 75 Fires three balls of malice that relentlessly pursue an enemy. Dark Skill Fruit: Spirit Flame icon.pngDark Skill Fruit: Spirit Flame
Stone Blast Ground icon.pngGround 10 55 Fires a barrage of stones forward. Earth Skill Fruit: Stone Blast icon.pngEarth Skill Fruit: Stone Blast
Stone Cannon Ground icon.pngGround 15 70 Digs up a boulder and hurls it at an enemy. Earth Skill Fruit: Stone Cannon icon.pngEarth Skill Fruit: Stone Cannon
Tri-Lightning Electric icon.pngElectric 22 90 Generates lightning that strikes an enemy three times from above. Electric Skill Fruit: Tri-Lightning icon.pngElectric Skill Fruit: Tri-Lightning
Wind Cutter Grass icon.pngGrass 2 30 Fires a high speed blade of wind that flies straight at an enemy. Grass Skill Fruit: Wind Cutter icon.pngGrass Skill Fruit: Wind Cutter

Pal-Exclusive Active Skills

The following skills are only available to specific Pals.

Name Pal Element CT Power Description
Antler Uppercut Eikthyrdeer icon.pngEikthyrdeer

Eikthyrdeer Terra icon.pngEikthyrdeer Terra

Neutral icon.pngNeutral 5 50 Charges at foes and uses antlers to launch them into the air. If used while riding, the direction of the charge can be controlled.
Beam Comet Jetragon icon.pngJetragon Dragon icon.pngDragon 50 140 Flies at enemies on illuminated wings while firing innumerable beams. The beams explode on impact.
Bee Quiet Beegarde icon.pngBeegarde Grass icon.pngGrass 55 250 Risks its life to cause a violent explosion, but receives the honor of falling in battle.
Blast Punch Mossanda Lux icon.pngMossanda Lux Electric icon.pngElectric 14 85 Winds up its fist before pummeling an enemy with a flurry of electrically charged punches.
Blazing Horn Arsox icon.pngArsox Fire icon.pngFire 9 50 Takes aim and rushes at an enemy with a mad dash.
Botanical Smash Dinossom icon.pngDinossom

Dinossom Lux icon.pngDinossom Lux

Grass icon.pngGrass 8 60 Uses large tail to smash the ground in front of it, damaging enemies over a wide area.
Cat Press Grintale icon.pngGrintale Neutral icon.pngNeutral 9 60 Grins menacingly before leaping into the air and smashing foes with its body.
Chicken Rush Chikipi icon.pngChikipi Neutral icon.pngNeutral 1 30 Flies at enemies in its sight, attacking them with its sharp beak.
Cloud Tempest Fenglope icon.pngFenglope Neutral icon.pngNeutral 15 90 Charges forward while manipulating the atmosphere to create a pressurized wind tunnel around itself.
Crushing Punch Mossanda icon.pngMossanda Grass icon.pngGrass 18 85 Winds up its fist before striking an enemy with a devastating punch.
Crystal Wing Frostallion icon.pngFrostallion Ice icon.pngIce 24 110 Dashes forward while creating frigid air around its wings, using them to slash enemies.
Daring Flames Kitsun icon.pngKitsun Fire icon.pngFire 10 75 Charges forward with great speed while clad in intense blue flames.
Dark Charge Pyrin Noct icon.pngPyrin Noct Dark icon.pngDark 14 85 Charges forward while clad in a veil of dark flames. Flames continue to burn in its trajectory.
Dark Whisp Shadowbeak icon.pngShadowbeak Dark icon.pngDark 45 160 Fires a menacing ball of dark energy that pursues enemies.
Divine Disaster Shadowbeak icon.pngShadowbeak Dark icon.pngDark 45 160 Charges forward while generating orbs of light that automatically capture enemies. The orbs automatically capture enemies, before releasing a barrage of lasers.
Earth Impact Mammorest icon.pngMammorest

Mammorest Cryst icon.pngMammorest Cryst

Ground icon.pngGround 30 100 Uses massive body to shake the earth, dealing damage over a wide area.
Emperor Slide Penking icon.pngPenking Ice icon.pngIce 10 70 Lies on its belly while generating frozen air all around it before sliding at enemies at high speed.
Fierce Fang Direhowl icon.pngDirehowl Neutral icon.pngNeutral 2 45 Swiftly leaps at an enemy and bites into them.
Fluffy Tackle Melpaca icon.pngMelpaca Neutral icon.pngNeutral 4 40 Charges forward while clad in an aura of sublime adorableness.
Focus Shot Robinquill icon.pngRobinquill

Robinquill Terra icon.pngRobinquill Terra

Grass icon.pngGrass 9 65 Takes aim while drawing its bow before loosing a powerful shot at an enemy.
Forceful Charge Anubis icon.pngAnubis Ground icon.pngGround 25 90 Moves at high speeds to pursue its foe while releasing energy and a flurry of powerful punches.
Freezing Charge Reindrix icon.pngReindrix Ice icon.pngIce 9 65 Charges at an enemy with antlers adorned in ice.
Gale Claw Galeclaw icon.pngGaleclaw Neutral icon.pngNeutral 8 60 Soars through the air with its talons outstretched forward.
Giga Horn Warsect icon.pngWarsect Ground icon.pngGround 11 75 Skewers enemies with its four sturdy horns.
Ground Pound Gorirat icon.pngGorirat Neutral icon.pngNeutral 14 85 Pounds the ground twice before leaping into the air and unleashing a powerful punch.
Ground Smash Anubis icon.pngAnubis Ground icon.pngGround 35 140 Leaps high into the air before diving to the ground with a punch. The force of the impact deals damage over a wide area.
Hellfire Claw Incineram icon.pngIncineram

Incineram Noct icon.pngIncineram Noct

Fire icon.pngFire 10 70 Draws near enemies using its left claw to slash them into the air before cutting them down with its right claw.
Iaigiri Bushi icon.pngBushi Fire icon.pngFire 9 65 After Holding the sword, he appears in front of the enemy in an instant and unleashes a Ultra-fast sword draw attack.
Ignis Slam Pyrin icon.pngPyrin Fire icon.pngFire 14 85 Charges forward while clad in a veil of flames. Flames continue to burn in its wake.
Jumping Claw Loupmoon icon.pngLoupmoon Dark icon.pngDark 7 55 Leaps forward and attacks twice with vicious claws imbued with dark energy.
Kerauno Orserk icon.pngOrserk Electric icon.pngElectric 30 100 Summons a blade of lightning while leaping into the air before throwing it at an enemy.
Kingly Slam Kingpaca icon.pngKingpaca

Kingpaca Cryst icon.pngKingpaca Cryst

Neutral icon.pngNeutral 21 100 Leaps high into the air before smashing into an enemy with its massive body.
Lightning Claw Grizzbolt icon.pngGrizzbolt Electric icon.pngElectric 22 90 After leaping at an enemy and tearing at it twice with its electrically charged claws, it attacks the ground, sending an electric shock throughout the area.
Megaton Implode Tocotoco icon.pngTocotoco Neutral icon.pngNeutral 55 500 Risks life to cause a massive explosion. Those who perish for their duty become glistening stars in the night sky.
Multicutter Lyleen icon.pngLyleen Grass icon.pngGrass 12 60 The user fires three high-speed blades of wind in quick succession that fly straight at enemies.
Muscle Slam Broncherry icon.pngBroncherry

Broncherry Aqua icon.pngBroncherry Aqua

Neutral icon.pngNeutral 12 80 Turns sideways before tackling enemies in front of it, sending them flying into the air.
Mystic Whirlwind Elphidran icon.pngElphidran Dragon icon.pngDragon 10 70 Generates twin whirlwinds imbued with a mysterious power that pursues enemies.
Phantom Peck Cawgnito icon.pngCawgnito Dark icon.pngDark 7 55 Teleports next to an enemy before attacking with its beak.
Phoenix Flare Faleris icon.pngFaleris Fire icon.pngFire 28 135 Covers its body in a tornado of flames before charging forward.
Punch Flurry Cattiva icon.pngCattiva Neutral icon.pngNeutral 1 40 Pursues enemies, repeatedly punching them with both its fists.
Reckless Charge Rushoar icon.pngRushoar Neutral icon.pngNeutral 2 55 Takes aim at a foe and rushes at them with a mad charge.
Roly Poly Lamball icon.pngLamball Neutral icon.pngNeutral 1 35 Curls into a ball, rolling after any enemies in its way. Becomes dizzy and unable to move after the attack ends.
Shell Spin Digtoise icon.pngDigtoise Ground icon.pngGround 9 65 Moves while spinning its whole body at high speeds. Drills through enemies, dealing continuous damage.
Spear Thrust Paladius icon.pngPaladius Neutral icon.pngNeutral 40 120 Clads itself in holy power before charging forward with its spear. The shield in its other hand protects from attacks during the charge.
Spinning Lance Elizabee icon.pngElizabee Grass icon.pngGrass 9 70 Channels power into its staff, and unleashes it in a whirl.
Spinning Roundhouse Anubis icon.pngAnubis Ground icon.pngGround 21 100 Performs a spin kick with its strong legs, cutting down enemies over a wide area.
Tornado Attack Nitewing icon.pngNitewing Neutral icon.pngNeutral 13 65 Generates a tornado before soaring towards its target.
Twin Spears Necromus icon.pngNecromus Dark icon.pngDark 40 120 Clads its twin spears with vicious whirlwinds and charges forward, thrusting them one after the other.
Volcanic Burst Reptyro icon.pngReptyro Fire icon.pngFire 45 100 Raises its front legs before slamming them into the ground, causing volcanic eruptions under its enemies. It simultaneously bombards them with volcanic bombs from above.