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Dinossom Lux (Japanese: ビリビリュー Biribiryū) is the Electric icon.png  Electric element variation of Dinossom.


Dinossom Lux is a bipedal dinosaur-like pal. Unlike its counterpart Dinossom, it is yellow with a darker yellow pattern on its back. Its underbelly is white in appearance. Dinossom has antennae that are long and curly. The most distinctive feature of Dinossom Lux is the large, pink, spotted starfish shaped flower on the top of its head with a brown crown shaped center and four dark brown leaves underneath. It has arms and legs that are tipped with three pinkish red claws on each limb. Dinossom has innocent looking eyes that are pink. Like its antennae, the tail of Dinossom Lux is long and curly and running along the tail can be seen scales that resemble sprouts.

Behavior and habitat

Wild Dinossom Lux are usually pacifistic. This Includes the Level 47 Alpha Dinossum Lux, allowing the player to loot the cave without a fight if they so choose.

The level 47 Dinossom Lux can be found within The Furthest Mineshaft, Located at (348, 569).

Daytime Dinossom Lux Spawns
Nightime Dinossom Lux Spawns


Dinossom Lux is able to ???.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Its crown got changed.
    • Introduced.



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