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#019 Daedream List of Pals Nox #021

Rushoar (Japanese: ノイボウ Noibou) is a Ground icon.png  Ground element Pal.


Rushoar is a medium-sized, stylized boar with long black legs and a short, black tail. It has large blue grumpy eyes, a long snout, and huge bone colored tusks. It sports jagged fur around its head which end in a tan pattern. Rushoar has three vertical white stripes on his back and a very short black mohawk haircut. It has long dark brown legs that feature black hooves. It has small hips and wide shoulders. Curiously, Rushoar doesn't appear to have any ears at all.

Behavior and habitat

Wild Rushoar are often encountered in small groups, usually of 2-3 individuals, exhibiting an inherently aggressive disposition, typically initiating attacks upon sighting the player. Rushoar appears to be carnivorous and can also be seen scavenging the corpses of fallen Pals or humans.

Daytime Rushoar Spawns
Nightime Rushoar Spawns


Rushoar can mine rocks at the base. However, Cattiva has the same level in mining and eats much less food.

You can use Rushoar's charge skill to mine rocks and ore quite efficiently. Rushoar's signature dash attack is much slower than that of Melpaca or Direhowl, but it also sends enemies flying and briefly stuns them. As of early access, Rushoar's dash has the tendency to knock poachers into level geometry.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.4 to 0.48.
    • Introduced.