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Lyleen Noct (Japanese: ルナクイン Lunaqueen) is the Dark icon.png  Dark element variation of Lyleen.


Lyleen Noct's appearance is similar to Lyleen's but with a different coloration. It has pale blue leafy hair adorned with teal hibiscus flowers. Its body is white with a gold-accented midsection and a golden collar. The innermost layer of the skirt is pale blue, large dark blue petals form the middle layer, with the top layer of the skirt having various gold-tipped blue leaves.

Behavior and habitat

Lyleen Noct can only be encountered as an Alpha Pal inside Iceberg cave (-138, 319) in the Land of Absolute Zero, acting non-hostile until the player is within Line-Of-Sight, at which point she is hyper aggressive. (Lyleen is often facing the back of the cave on spawn, will not see player first enter the cavern)

Daytime Lyleen Noct Spawns
Nightime Lyleen Noct Spawns


Lyleen Noct is able to heal the player when its active skill is used, and has a high Handiwork skill, only seconded by Anubis.

While Lyleen Noct loses Lyleen's rank 4 Planting suitability, she retains everything else, including her rank 3 Medicine Production.

Despite being a Dark Pal, Lyleen Noct goes to sleep at night when assigned to the base.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.


  • Lyleen Noct does not have a gender ratio of 1-to-1 Male to Female. Lyleen has a 30% chance to spawn as a male and a 70% chance to spawn as a female; this is in contrast with most other Pals, which have an equal chance to spawn with either gender. Other Pals with uneven gender ratios include Mozzarina, Beegarde, Elizabee, Dazzi, Lovander, Kingpaca, Kingpaca Cryst, Warsect, and Lyleen.
  • At minimum health, a Legendary Sphere has a Lyleen Noct base Catch rate of 7%. This number First Rolls at 20% with Max player level and Max Effigies achieved.