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The Paldeck is where information about Pals are stored in Palworld; and is also the name of a video series that features the numerous Pals that exist in the game.


The Paldeck is the database for all of the Pals present on The Palpagos Islands. You are able to access it straight away from the menu.

The Paldeck is also used to label the YouTube videos that Pocketpair has released, but they do not share the same numbering as in the game.

List of Pals

Paldeck Entries
No. Name Type 1 Type 2
001 Lamball Neutral
002 Cattiva Neutral
003 Chikipi Neutral
004 Lifmunk Grass
005 Foxparks Fire
006 Fuack Water
007 Sparkit Electric
008 Tanzee Grass
009 Rooby Fire
010 Pengullet Water Ice
011 Penking Water Ice
012 Jolthog Electric
012b Jolthog Cryst Ice
013 Gumoss Grass Ground
014 Vixy Neutral
015 Hoocrates Dark
016 Teafant Water
017 Depresso Dark
018 Cremis Neutral
019 Daedream Dark
020 Rushoar Ground
021 Nox Dark
022 Fuddler Ground
023 Killamari Dark
024 Mau Dark
024b Mau Cryst Ice
025 Celaray Water
026 Direhowl Neutral
027 Tocotoco Neutral
028 Flopie Grass
029 Mozzarina Neutral
030 Bristla Grass
031 Gobfin Water
031b Gobfin Ignis Fire
032 Hangyu Ground
032b Hangyu Cryst Ice
033 Mossanda Grass
033b Mossanda Lux Electric
034 Wollipop Neutral
035 Caprity Grass
036 Melpaca Neutral
037 Eikthyrdeer Neutral
037b Eikthyrdeer Terra Ground
038 Nitewing Neutral
039 Ribbuny Neutral
040 Incineram Fire Dark
040b Incineram Noct Dark
041 Cinnamoth Grass
042 Arsox Fire
043 Dumud Ground
044 Cawgnito Dark
045 Leezpunk Dark
045b Leezpunk Ignis Fire
046 Loupmoon Dark
047 Galeclaw Neutral
048 Robinquill Grass
048b Robinquill Terra Grass Ground
049 Gorirat Neutral
049b Gorirat Terra Ground
050 Beegarde Grass
051 Elizabee Grass
052 Grintale Neutral
053 Swee Ice
054 Sweepa Ice
055 Chillet Ice Dragon
055b Chillet Ignis Fire Dragon
056 Univolt Electric
057 Foxcicle Ice
058 Pyrin Fire
058b Pyrin Noct Fire Dark
059 Reindrix Ice
060 Rayhound Electric
061 Kitsun Fire
062 Dazzi Electric
063 Lunaris Neutral
064 Dinossom Grass Dragon
064b Dinossom Lux Electric Dragon
065 Surfent Water
065b Surfent Terra Ground
066 Maraith Dark
067 Digtoise Ground
068 Tombat Dark
069 Lovander Neutral
070 Flambelle Fire
071 Vanwyrm Fire Dark
071b Vanwyrm Cryst Ice Dark
072 Bushi Fire
072b Bushi Noct Fire Dark
073 Beakon Electric
074 Ragnahawk Fire
075 Katress Dark
075b Katress Ignis Dark Fire
076 Wixen Fire
076b Wixen Noct Fire Dark
077 Verdash Grass
078 Vaelet Grass
079 Sibelyx Ice
080 Elphidran Dragon
080b Elphidran Aqua Dragon Water
081 Kelpsea Water
081b Kelpsea Ignis Fire
082 Azurobe Water Dragon
083 Cryolinx Ice
084 Blazehowl Fire
084b Blazehowl Noct Fire Dark
085 Relaxaurus Dragon Water
085b Relaxaurus Lux Dragon Electric
086 Broncherry Grass
086b Broncherry Aqua Grass Water
087 Petallia Grass
088 Reptyro Fire Ground
088b Reptyro Cryst Ice Ground
089 Kingpaca Neutral
089b Kingpaca Cryst Ice
090 Mammorest Grass
090b Mammorest Cryst Ice
091 Wumpo Ice
091b Wumpo Botan Grass
092 Warsect Ground Grass
092b Warsect Terra Ground
093 Fenglope Neutral
094 Felbat Dark
095 Quivern Dragon
095b Quivern Botan Dragon Grass
096 Blazamut Fire
096b Blazamut Ryu Dragon Fire
097 Helzephyr Dark
097b Helzephyr Lux Dark Electric
098 Astegon Dragon Dark
099 Menasting Dark Ground
099b Menasting Terra Ground
100 Anubis Ground
101 Jormuntide Dragon Water
101b Jormuntide Ignis Dragon Fire
102 Suzaku Fire
102b Suzaku Aqua Water
103 Grizzbolt Electric
104 Lyleen Grass
104b Lyleen Noct Dark
105 Faleris Fire
106 Orserk Dragon Electric
107 Shadowbeak Dark
108 Paladius Neutral
109 Necromus Dark
110 Frostallion Ice
110b Frostallion Noct Dark
111 Jetragon Dragon
112 Bellanoir Dark
112b Bellanoir Libero Dark
113 Selyne Dark Normal
114 Croajiro Water
115 Lullu Grass
116 Shroomer Grass
116b Shroomer Noct Grass Dark
117 Kikit Ground
118 Sootseer Dark Fire
119 Prixter Dark Ground
120 Knocklem Ground
121 Yakumo Neutral
122 Dogen Neutral
123 Dazemu Ground
124 Mimog Neutral
125 Xenovader Dark
126 Xenogard Dragon

Pal Subspecies

Many Pal subspecies follow a specific naming convention that consists of appending a Latin or a Greek word to the name in order to denote how it differs from the base species.

  • Aqua - Latin for "Water", used in the names of Water icon.png  Water-element subspecies.
  • Botan - Greek word for "Plant" or "Grass", used in the names of Grass icon.png  Grass-element subspecies.
  • Cryst - Likely a shortened form of the word "Crystal" or "Crystallized", used in the names of Ice icon.png  Ice-element subspecies.
  • Ignis - Latin for "Fire", used in the names of Fire icon.png  Fire-element subspecies.
  • Libero - Italian for 'Freed' or 'Unleashed', used in the names of subspecies that retain its typing from their original counterpart.
  • Lux - Latin for "Light", used in the names of Electric icon.png  Electric-element subspecies.
  • Noct - Shortened from Latin word "Noctis", meaning "of the night", used in the names of Dark icon.png  Dark-element subspecies.
  • Ryu - Japanese word for "Dragon", used in the names of Dragon icon.png  Dragon-element subspecies.
  • Terra - Latin for "Earth", used in the names of Ground icon.png  Ground-element subspecies.

Unreleased Pals

Unreleased and Unknown Pals are listed here. Some of these may be found within the game files but are not properly present as Pals as of yet.

If no name has been provided for them, they will be listed with their internal names and/or fanmade placeholder names.


Despite it being inhumane to do so, you're able to capture the humans in Palworld. Functionally, Humans have the Neutral icon.png  Neutral element.