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Dumud (Japanese: トドドドン Todododon) is a Ground icon.png  Ground element Pal.


Dumud is a large, greyish brown fish-like pal that bears resemblance to both a mudskipper and blobfish, whose body is primarily brown with a tan face and underside. Its body shape is prominently amorphous in appearance. It has a perpetually pained looking expression with vacant eyes and a wide mouth with four visible fangs. It has large pectroal fins and a tail fin that it uses to support itself and move with. The top of its head has a single, bright yellow dorsal fin present. From the middle of its eyes to its stomach, Dumud's got a peach colored underside.

Behavior and habitat

Wild Dumud are generally passive, acting curious towards the player, but will retaliate when struck.

Daytime Dumud Spawns
Nightime Dumud Spawns


Dumud is a reliable source of High Quality Pal Oil icon.png  High Quality Pal Oil when assigned to a Ranch. Dumud can also mine, transport goods, and water plants and waterwheels.



  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #??? on ??/??/2024:
  • Their name may come from the words dumb and mud, likely referring to its element and oblivious personality. It's also a palindrome, a trait (almost) shared by its Japanese name.