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Breeding is a mechanic in Palworld used with the Breeding Farm.

It allows players to breed two Pals, which results in them laying a Pal Egg that can be hatched in an Egg Incubator icon.pngEgg Incubator.

Breeding Farm

The Breeding Farm is a Technology that allows any two Pals to breed with each other (even completely different species) as long as they are of the opposite gender. It is unlocked at level 19, and requires 100 Wood icon.pngWood, 20 Stone icon.pngStone, and 50 Fiber icon.pngFiber to craft.

In order to assign Pals to produce an egg together, the player must pick them up using the "Pick Up" button (default: V) and drop them inside the Breeding Farm. Once they have been successfully assigned, they will wander inside the Breeding Farm until manually removed again. Once two opposite-gendered Pals have been assigned to the Breeding Farm, the UI will state "Love is blossoming between the two Pals", and a progress bar will appear. In order for Pals to successfully lay an egg, one or more pieces of Cake will need to be placed in the wooden chest located on the right side of the Breeding Farm's fence. Keep in mind that the progress bar will start and continue to rise until full, regardless of the presence of Cake. However, Pals will not lay an egg until there is Cake in the Breeding Farm's chest. Cake placed in the Breeding Farm's chest does not spoil.

Breeding Conditions

As of launch, any Pal species can breed with any other Pal species. However, this will lead to a seemingly random Pal being generated with none of the parent's stats. The random Pal has a much higher chance of being a weaker, early game Pal than any mid to late game Pal. This is based off a "child rank" obtained from calculating the ranks of both the parents. A breeding combination list has been linked here(you can click here to make a copy of the full breeding list spreadsheet for easier use). In order for the breeding to commence, there must be a male and female Pal in the Breeding Farm. As there is no cooldown, you can have Pals breed indefinitely as long as cake is in the farm's crate. This allows for a faster experience when breeding for variants.

Same Species Breeding

Pals of the same species when bred together will always produce that species. For some species, this is the only way to breed that Pal.

Standard Combination Breeding

Typically, when two Pals breed, the resulting Pal is determined by the two parents breeding "Rank". Roughly, the resulting Pal will be the species with the average of the two parents breeding rank. Specifically, the child rank is calculated as follows:

And then the (eligible) child species with the rank nearest to this value is selected. If two species are equidistant from this value, the first one checked (having the lower "Check Order") is selected.

Breeding Rank
Pal Rank Eligible Child Check Order
Lamball icon.pngLamball 1470 Yes 27
Cattiva icon.pngCattiva 1460 Yes 46
Chikipi icon.pngChikipi 1500 Yes 62
Lifmunk icon.pngLifmunk 1430 Yes 7
Foxparks icon.pngFoxparks 1400 Yes 20
Fuack icon.pngFuack 1330 Yes 59
Sparkit icon.pngSparkit 1410 Yes 65
Tanzee icon.pngTanzee 1250 Yes 107
Rooby icon.pngRooby 1155 Yes 137
Pengullet icon.pngPengullet 1350 Yes 23
Penking icon.pngPenking 520 Yes 121
Jolthog icon.pngJolthog 1370 Yes 17
Jolthog Cryst icon.pngJolthog Cryst 1360 No 18
Gumoss icon.pngGumoss 1240 Yes 112
Vixy icon.pngVixy 1450 Yes 79
Hoocrates icon.pngHoocrates 1390 Yes 82
Teafant icon.pngTeafant 1490 Yes 14
Depresso icon.pngDepresso 1380 Yes 47
Cremis icon.pngCremis 1455 Yes 134
Daedream icon.pngDaedream 1230 Yes 106
Rushoar icon.pngRushoar 1130 Yes 6
Nox icon.pngNox 1180 Yes 120
Fuddler icon.pngFuddler 1220 Yes 101
Killamari icon.pngKillamari 1290 Yes 85
Mau icon.pngMau 1480 Yes 4
Mau Cryst icon.pngMau Cryst 1440 No 5
Celaray icon.pngCelaray 870 Yes 127
Direhowl icon.pngDirehowl 1060 Yes 15
Tocotoco icon.pngTocotoco 1340 Yes 8
Flopie icon.pngFlopie 1280 Yes 91
Mozzarina icon.pngMozzarina 910 Yes 86
Bristla icon.pngBristla 1320 Yes 21
Gobfin icon.pngGobfin 1090 Yes 25
Gobfin Ignis icon.pngGobfin Ignis 1100 No 26
Hangyu icon.pngHangyu 1420 Yes 31
Hangyu Cryst icon.pngHangyu Cryst 1422 No 32
Mossanda icon.pngMossanda 430 Yes 97
Mossanda Lux icon.pngMossanda Lux 390 No 98
Woolipop icon.pngWoolipop 1190 Yes 39
Caprity icon.pngCaprity 930 Yes 75
Melpaca icon.pngMelpaca 890 Yes 41
Eikthyrdeer icon.pngEikthyrdeer 920 Yes 9
Eikthyrdeer Terra icon.pngEikthyrdeer Terra 900 No 10
Nitewing icon.pngNitewing 420 Yes 90
Ribbuny icon.pngRibbuny 1310 Yes 116
Incineram icon.pngIncineram 590 Yes 2
Incineram Noct icon.pngIncineram Noct 580 No 3
Cinnamoth icon.pngCinnamoth 490 Yes 131
Arsox icon.pngArsox 790 Yes 99
Dumud icon.pngDumud 895 Yes 135
Cawgnito icon.pngCawgnito 1080 Yes 44
Leezpunk icon.pngLeezpunk 1120 Yes 57
Leezpunk Ignis icon.pngLeezpunk Ignis 1140 No 58
Loupmoon icon.pngLoupmoon 950 Yes 30
Galeclaw icon.pngGaleclaw 1030 Yes 12
Robinquill icon.pngRobinquill 1020 Yes 52
Robinquill Terra icon.pngRobinquill Terra 1000 No 53
Gorirat icon.pngGorirat 1040 Yes 16
Beegarde icon.pngBeegarde 1070 Yes 95
Elizabee icon.pngElizabee 330 Yes 94
Grintale icon.pngGrintale 510 Yes 130
Swee icon.pngSwee 1300 Yes 113
Sweepa icon.pngSweepa 410 Yes 114
Chillet icon.pngChillet 800 Yes 122
Univolt icon.pngUnivolt 680 Yes 19
Foxcicle icon.pngFoxcicle 760 Yes 104
Pyrin icon.pngPyrin 360 Yes 35
Pyrin Noct icon.pngPyrin Noct 240 No 36
Reindrix icon.pngReindrix 880 Yes 76
Rayhound icon.pngRayhound 740 Yes 100
Kitsun icon.pngKitsun 830 Yes 56
Dazzi icon.pngDazzi 1210 Yes 24
Lunaris icon.pngLunaris 1110 Yes 22
Dinossom icon.pngDinossom 820 Yes 63
Dinossom Lux icon.pngDinossom Lux 810 No 64
Surfent icon.pngSurfent 560 Yes 42
Surfent Terra icon.pngSurfent Terra 550 No 43
Maraith icon.pngMaraith 1150 Yes 51
Digtoise icon.pngDigtoise 850 Yes 11
Tombat icon.pngTombat 750 Yes 96
Lovander icon.pngLovander 940 Yes 81
Flambelle icon.pngFlambelle 1405 Yes 136
Vanwyrm icon.pngVanwyrm 660 Yes 60
Vanwyrm Cryst icon.pngVanwyrm Cryst 620 No 61
Bushi icon.pngBushi 640 Yes 126
Beakon icon.pngBeakon 220 Yes 117
Ragnahawk icon.pngRagnahawk 380 Yes 125
Katress icon.pngKatress 700 Yes 115
Wixen icon.pngWixen 1160 Yes 80
Verdash icon.pngVerdash 990 Yes 103
Vaelet icon.pngVaelet 1050 Yes 89
Sibelyx icon.pngSibelyx 450 Yes 78
Elphidran icon.pngElphidran 540 Yes 37
Elphidran Aqua icon.pngElphidran Aqua 530 No 38
Kelpsea icon.pngKelpsea 1260 Yes 83
Kelpsea Ignis icon.pngKelpsea Ignis 1270 Yes 84
Azurobe icon.pngAzurobe 500 Yes 45
Cryolinx icon.pngCryolinx 130 Yes 40
Blazehowl icon.pngBlazehowl 710 Yes 108
Blazehowl Noct icon.pngBlazehowl Noct 670 No 109
Relaxaurus icon.pngRelaxaurus 280 Yes 54
Relaxaurus Lux icon.pngRelaxaurus Lux 270 No 55
Broncherry icon.pngBroncherry 860 Yes 71
Broncherry Aqua icon.pngBroncherry Aqua 840 No 72
Petallia icon.pngPetallia 780 Yes 129
Reptyro icon.pngReptyro 320 Yes 49
Reptyro Cryst icon.pngReptyro Cryst 230 No 50
Kingpaca icon.pngKingpaca 470 Yes 110
Kingpaca Cryst icon.pngKingpaca Cryst 440 No 111
Mammorest icon.pngMammorest 300 Yes 68
Mammorest Cryst icon.pngMammorest Cryst 290 No 69
Wumpo icon.pngWumpo 460 Yes 87
Wumpo Botan icon.pngWumpo Botan 480 Yes 88
Warsect icon.pngWarsect 340 Yes 118
Fenglope icon.pngFenglope 980 Yes 48
Felbat icon.pngFelbat 1010 Yes 70
Quivern icon.pngQuivern 350 Yes 123
Blazamut icon.pngBlazamut 10 Yes 74
Helzephyr icon.pngHelzephyr 190 Yes 124
Astegon icon.pngAstegon 150 Yes 102
Menasting icon.pngMenasting 260 Yes 132
Anubis icon.pngAnubis 570 Yes 1
Jormuntide icon.pngJormuntide 310 Yes 28
Jormuntide Ignis icon.pngJormuntide Ignis 315 No 29
Suzaku icon.pngSuzaku 50 Yes 33
Suzaku Aqua icon.pngSuzaku Aqua 30 No 34
Grizzbolt icon.pngGrizzbolt 200 No 13
Lyleen icon.pngLyleen 250 No 92
Lyleen Noct icon.pngLyleen Noct 210 No 93
Faleris icon.pngFaleris 370 No 73
Orserk icon.pngOrserk 140 No 133
Shadowbeak icon.pngShadowbeak 60 No 77
Paladius icon.pngPaladius 80 No 119
Necromus icon.pngNecromus 70 No 128
Frostallion icon.pngFrostallion 120 No 66
Frostallion Noct icon.pngFrostallion Noct 100 No 67
Jetragon icon.pngJetragon 90 No 105

Unique Combination Breeding

A few breeding combinations have specific outcomes that are handled specially.

Variant Pals

Pal Result Parent Combination
Blazehowl Noct icon.pngBlazehowl Noct Blazehowl icon.pngBlazehowl +Felbat icon.png Felbat
Broncherry Aqua icon.pngBroncherry Aqua Broncherry icon.pngBroncherry + Fuack icon.pngFuack
Dinossom Lux icon.pngDinossom Lux Dinossom icon.pngDinossom + Rayhound icon.pngRayhound
Eikthyrdeer Terra icon.pngEikthyrdeer Terra Eikthyrdeer icon.pngEikthyrdeer + Hangyu icon.pngHangyu
Elphidran Aqua icon.pngElphidran Aqua Elphidran icon.pngElphidran + Surfent icon.pngSurfent
Frostallion Noct icon.pngFrostallion Noct Frostallion icon.pngFrostallion + Helzephyr icon.pngHelzephyr
Gobfin Ignis icon.pngGobfin Ignis Gobfin icon.pngGobfin + Rooby icon.pngRooby
Hangyu Cryst icon.pngHangyu Cryst Hangyu icon.pngHangyu + Swee icon.pngSwee
Incineram Noct icon.pngIncineram Noct Incineram icon.pngIncineram + Maraith icon.pngMaraith
Jolthog icon.pngJolthog Chikipi icon.pngChikipi + Gumoss icon.pngGumoss
Jolthog Cryst icon.pngJolthog Cryst Jolthog icon.pngJolthog + Pengullet icon.pngPengullet
Kingpaca Cryst icon.pngKingpaca Cryst Kingpaca icon.pngKingpaca + Reindrix icon.pngReindrix
Leezpunk Ignis icon.pngLeezpunk Ignis Leezpunk icon.pngLeezpunk + Flambelle icon.pngFlambelle
Lyleen Noct icon.pngLyleen Noct Lyleen icon.pngLyleen + Menasting icon.pngMenasting
Mammorest Cryst icon.pngMammorest Cryst Mammorest icon.pngMammorest + Wumpo icon.pngWumpo
Mossanda Lux icon.pngMossanda Lux Mossanda icon.pngMossanda + Grizzbolt icon.pngGrizzbolt
Mau Cryst icon.pngMau Cryst Mau icon.pngMau + Pengullet icon.pngPengullet
Pyrin Noct icon.pngPyrin Noct Pyrin icon.pngPyrin + Katress icon.pngKatress
Relaxaurus Lux icon.pngRelaxaurus Lux Relaxaurus icon.pngRelaxaurus + Sparkit icon.pngSparkit
Reptyro Cryst icon.pngReptyro Cryst Reptyro icon.pngReptyro + Foxcicle icon.pngFoxcicle
Robinquill Terra icon.pngRobinquill Terra Robinquill icon.pngRobinquill + Fuddler icon.pngFuddler
Surfent Terra icon.pngSurfent Terra Surfent icon.pngSurfent + Dumud icon.pngDumud
Suzaku Aqua icon.pngSuzaku Aqua Suzaku icon.pngSuzaku + Jormuntide icon.pngJormuntide
Vanwyrm Cryst icon.pngVanwyrm Cryst Vanwyrm icon.pngVanwyrm + Foxcicle icon.pngFoxcicle

Note that Kelpsea Ignis icon.pngKelpsea Ignis, and Wumpo Botan icon.pngWumpo Botan, and Jormuntide Ignis icon.pngJormuntide Ignis do not have unique breeding combinations. Kelpsea Ignis icon.pngKelpsea Ignis and Wumpo Botan icon.pngWumpo Botan can be bred using the standard combination method above.

Tower Boss Pals

Pal Result Parent Combination
Lyleen icon.pngLyleen Mossanda icon.pngMossanda + Petallia icon.pngPetallia
Faleris icon.pngFaleris Vanwyrm icon.pngVanwyrm + Anubis icon.pngAnubis
Grizzbolt icon.pngGrizzbolt Mossanda icon.pngMossanda + Rayhound icon.pngRayhound
Orserk icon.pngOrserk Grizzbolt icon.pngGrizzbolt + Relaxaurus icon.pngRelaxaurus
Shadowbeak icon.pngShadowbeak Kitsun icon.pngKitsun + Astegon icon.pngAstegon

Passing Down Passive Skills

Passive skills are able to be passed down from the parents onto the child, its still unknown how this fully works. Passive skills can also be randomly generated. Special combinations have a random set of 4 passive skills; a couple or more of these skills can be 3rd tier. The "rare" passive skill is one of these skills, giving the child a 15% boost to attack power and work speed.


  • There is a glitch(assumed) that Pals of the same gender can breed from time to time.