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Eikthyrdeer (Japanese: ツノガミ Tsunogami) is a Neutral icon.png  Neutral element Pal. It has an Ground icon.png  Ground element variation, Eikthyrdeer Terra.


Eikthydeer resembles a medium-sized deer with a long tail. The fur on Eikthydeer's face, ears and underside are cream-colored. The fur along its neck is rather thick and gets thicker lower down. It has a mantle of violet fur across its back and tail, with some on its snout and the tips of its ears as well. It has huge purple and violet antlers atop its head. Its nose, eyebrows, and most of the tips of its horns are cyan. The underside of its tail is varying shades of blue.

Behavior and habitat

Eikthyrdeer can often be found running in grassy areas. Eikthyrdeer is passive, and will run away if it spots the character. This Pal only becomes aggressive when attacked.

Daytime Eikthyrdeer Spawns
Nightime Eikthyrdeer Spawns


When mounted with an Eikthyrdeer Saddle, it is able to traverse land quickly using it's ability Antler Uppercut. This ability stacks with it's current speed, meaning that Swift or Runner will make it more effective, whereas being wet would slow it down drastically. Eikthyrdeer is also able to Lumber.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.4 to 0.48.
    • Introduced.




EIKTHYDEER MOWS DOWN LOCAL ECOSYSTEM - Palworld Gameplay Paldeck No.14 Pocketpair