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Surfent (Japanese: シーペント Seapent) is a Water icon.png  Water element Pal. It has an Ground icon.png  Ground element variation, Surfent Terra.


Surfent is a medium sized turquoise-coloured serpentine Pal resembling a prehistoric marine reptile, such as a Pliosaurid or Tylosaur, although the overall silhouette of its body shape can also be interpreted to vaguely resemble a Viking longship. Its body is counter-shaded between a light blue topside and a cream underside. It has a very triangular head with two horns jutting out of the far corners of the skull, a cream-coloured face and stomach, four fins that it uses to swim with along the sides of its body, and various navy blue accents found on the tips of the fins, the tail, and a spot on the forehead. The eyes are a bright orange and are very sharp acute triangles in shape. There are six orange triangle-shaped plates or spines running along the back, spaced between both pairs of fins, which are capable of moving up and down as the creature swims. The long tail is tipped orange following a navy blue stripe.

Behavior and habitat

A Pal that becomes aggressive upon seeing the player; it can be seen swimming along shorelines in groups.

Daytime Surfent Spawns
Nightime Surfent Spawns


While it can be commanded to travel on land, it is very sluggish whilst doing so.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.



  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #047 on 15/12/2023:
  • Surfent seems to resemble a Lagiacrus from Monster Hunter. Its Terra counterpart can also be argued to resemble a Landconquest Lagiacrus.
  • Its name may come from surf and serpent.
  • Its Japanese name may come from sea and serpent.
  • When checking the Technology tab and scrolling down, Surfent and its Terra variant are referred to as "Aquadon and Aquadon Terra" respectively. This is likely its prototype name.


Paldeck No.047 SURFENT - Palworld Gameplay Pocketpair