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#080B Elphidran Aqua List of Pals Kelpsea Ignis #081B

Kelpsea (Japanese: ケルピス Kelpis) is a Water icon.png  Water element pal. It has an Fire icon.png  Fire element variation, Kelpsea Ignis.


Kelpsea is a small aquatic pal that bears a loose resemblance to the Kelpie of myth. Kelpsea has an appearance that is superficially reminiscent of a seal, with an equine head and some dragon-like features. Its body is light blue, with a cream-colored stomach. It is Identical to Kelpsea Ignis, except for its coloring.

Behavior and habitat

Kelpsea are largely passive, and entirely ignore the player unless provoked. This Pal can be mostly found swimming in shallow waters.

Daytime Kelpsea Spawns
Nightime Kelpsea Spawns


Kelpsea is able to water plants.

Kelpsea can produce Pal Fluids icon.png  Pal Fluids when assigned to a ranch.




  • Kelpsea was named by the community during the 3rd Name This Pal event.
  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #??? on ??/??/2023:
  • Its Japanese may partly come from Kelpie, this being a mythological shapeshifting horse that inhabits lakes from Irish and Scottish folklore.