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Dungeons can be found around the Palpagos Islands. They hold some unique Pals and at least one Alpha Pal. You can find several chests throughout the dungeon as well as two guaranteed chests at the end.

Dungeons come in tiers, with each dungeon type having a different pool of Alpha Pals. At the end of each dungeon is one guaranteed Alpha version of a Pal.

There is a bug which occurs where, if the boss Pal isn't the type you want, you can walk about one and a half rooms away then return and it will be replaced with another from the same Dungeon pool. It is possible to find Alphas during times of day they are not normally available.

Currently, Dungeons are the only spawn location whereKillamari icon.pngKillamari can be found.

After 200 mins whether you complete a dungeon or not it will reset and move to a new location.

The end game Dungeons appear to be a good location for farming Legendary Accessories. On top of that, killing or capturing the final boss gives nearly twice as much experience as one would get from capturing the non-dungeon variant. For the early game, the dungeons tend to contain large deposits of Paldium which is extremely helpful if the dungeon is close to a Fast Travel point.

Dungeon Layouts

Dungeons use one of a select few layouts. Based on which rooms you encounter after the entrance, it is trivial to determine which direction the boss is located in.

Exploring the Dungeon

There are a few handy tips that can be used when exploring the dungeons:

- Leaving a cheap and disposable item in the rooms you have already explored, such as a Paldium Fragment, can be a very helpful means of navigation.

- Bringing a fast and small ground mount will trivialize your traversal of the dungeons. Currently the best Pal for the job is Fengelope, which has the ability to double-jump. For those who plan to do a lot of dungeon exploring, it is suggested to breed a Fengelope with any combination of Swift, Runner, and Legend Passive Skills, as these will give 20%, 20%, and 15% movement speed respectively.

- It is quite common for there to be a passage that is flooded with water before the boss room. Whilst not every flooded passage is the correct way, it is more likely to be than other passages.

Pal Encounters

Dungeon Level Encounters Boss Encounters
Hillside Cavern & Isolated Island Cavern 13 Daedream icon.pngDaedream, Fuddler icon.pngFuddler, Killamari icon.pngKillamari, Mau icon.pngMau Caprity icon.pngCaprity, Cattiva icon.pngCattiva, Celaray icon.pngCelaray, Chikipi icon.pngChikipi, Cremis icon.pngCremis, Daedream icon.pngDaedream, Depresso icon.pngDepresso, Dinossom icon.pngDinossom, Direhowl icon.pngDirehowl, Eikthyrdeer icon.pngEikthyrdeer, Foxparks icon.pngFoxparks, Fuack icon.pngFuack, Fuddler icon.pngFuddler, Gumoss icon.pngGumoss, Hoocrates icon.pngHoocrates, Jolthog icon.pngJolthog, Killamari icon.pngKillamari, Lamball icon.pngLamball, Lifmunk icon.pngLifmunk, Mau icon.pngMau, Melpaca icon.pngMelpaca, Nox icon.pngNox, Pengullet icon.pngPengullet, Rooby icon.pngRooby, Rushoar icon.pngRushoar, Tanzee icon.pngTanzee, Teafant icon.pngTeafant, Tombat icon.pngTombat, Vixy icon.pngVixy
Ravine Grotto 19 Daedream icon.pngDaedream, Fuddler icon.pngFuddler, Mau icon.pngMau, Nox icon.pngNox Arsox icon.pngArsox, Cawgnito icon.pngCawgnito, Digtoise icon.pngDigtoise, Dumud icon.pngDumud, Galeclaw icon.pngGaleclaw, Hangyu icon.pngHangyu, Kelpsea icon.pngKelpsea, Mozzarina icon.pngMozzarina, Nox icon.pngNox, Pyrin icon.pngPyrin, Ribbuny icon.pngRibbuny, Surfent icon.pngSurfent, Sweepa icon.pngSweepa, Tocotoco icon.pngTocotoco, Woolipop icon.pngWoolipop, Univolt icon.pngUnivolt
Mountain Stream Grotto 29 Beegarde icon.pngBeegarde, Felbat icon.pngFelbat, Grintale icon.pngGrintale, Katress icon.pngKatress, Loupmoon icon.pngLoupmoon Bristla icon.pngBristla, Cinnamoth icon.pngCinnamoth, Felbat icon.pngFelbat, Flopie icon.pngFlopie, Galeclaw icon.pngGaleclaw, Gobfin icon.pngGobfin, Gorirat icon.pngGorirat, Grintale icon.pngGrintale, Katress icon.pngKatress, Loupmoon icon.pngLoupmoon, Mossanda icon.pngMossanda, Robinquill icon.pngRobinquill
Cavern of the Dunes 38 Blazehowl Noct icon.pngBlazehowl Noct, Incineram icon.pngIncineram, Leezpunk Ignis icon.pngLeezpunk Ignis, Pyrin Noct icon.pngPyrin Noct Blazehowl icon.pngBlazehowl, Blazehowl Noct icon.pngBlazehowl Noct, Bushi icon.pngBushi, Dumud icon.pngDumud, Fenglope icon.pngFenglope, Flambelle icon.pngFlambelle, Gobfin Ignis icon.pngGobfin Ignis, Incineram icon.pngIncineram, Kelpsea Ignis icon.pngKelpsea Ignis, Leezpunk icon.pngLeezpunk, Leezpunk Ignis icon.pngLeezpunk Ignis, Pyrin icon.pngPyrin, Pyrin Noct icon.pngPyrin Noct, Ragnahawk icon.pngRagnahawk, Reptyro icon.pngReptyro, Vanwyrm icon.pngVanwyrm, Wixen icon.pngWixen
Volcanic Cavern 40 Cawgnito icon.pngCawgnito, Fuddler icon.pngFuddler, Leezpunk icon.pngLeezpunk, Lovander icon.pngLovander, Mossanda Lux icon.pngMossanda Lux, Tocotoco icon.pngTocotoco Beakon icon.pngBeakon, Cawgnito icon.pngCawgnito, Dazzi icon.pngDazzi, Digtoise icon.pngDigtoise, Dinossom Lux icon.pngDinossom Lux, Fuddler icon.pngFuddler, Hangyu icon.pngHangyu, Leezpunk icon.pngLeezpunk, Lovander icon.pngLovander, Nitewing icon.pngNitewing, Rayhound icon.pngRayhound, Robinquill Terra icon.pngRobinquill Terra, Surfent Terra icon.pngSurfent Terra, Tocotoco icon.pngTocotoco
Sacred Mountain Cavern 45 Lunaris icon.pngLunaris, Maraith icon.pngMaraith, Sibelyx icon.pngSibelyx, Tombat icon.pngTombat, Reptyro Cryst icon.pngReptyro Cryst Chillet icon.pngChillet, Cryolinx icon.pngCryolinx, Elphidran icon.pngElphidran, Lunaris icon.pngLunaris, Mammorest Cryst icon.pngMammorest Cryst, Maraith icon.pngMaraith, Mau Cryst icon.pngMau Cryst, Pengullet icon.pngPengullet, Quivern icon.pngQuivern, Reindrix icon.pngReindrix, Reptyro Cryst icon.pngReptyro Cryst, Sibelyx icon.pngSibelyx, Suzaku Aqua icon.pngSuzaku Aqua, Tombat icon.pngTombat, Vanwyrm Cryst icon.pngVanwyrm Cryst, Wumpo icon.pngWumpo

Dungeon Final Chest Loot

It appears that you can obtain all possible accessories and schematics from Treasure Chest. Furthermore, the Alpha Pal boss has a chance to drop accessories as well.

Dungeon Level Loot
Hillside Cavern 13
Isolated Island Cavern 13
Ravine Grotto 19
Mountain Stream Grotto 29
Cavern of the Dunes 38 Emerald, Innovative Tech Manual, Rare Skill Fruit, Thermal Undershirt +1, Life Pendant +1, Pendant of Diligence +1
Volcanic Cavern 40 Emerald, Innovative Tech Manual, Refined Metal Armor Schematic 1, Refined Metal Helm Schematic 1, Assault Rifle Schematic 2, Rare Skill Fruit, Uncommon Skill Fruit, Life Pendant +1
Sacred Mountain Cavern 45 Diamond, Pal Metal Armor Schematic 1, Pal Metal Armour Schematic 2, Pal Metal Armour Schematic 3, Pal Metal Helmet Schematic 1, Assault Rifle Schematic 1, Rocket Launcher Schematic 1, Future Tech Manual, Rare Skill Fruit, Epic Skill Fruit, Defense Pendant +2, Heat Resistant Undershirt +2, Thermal Undershirt +2, Pendant of Diligence +2, Pendant of Diligence +1, Life Neck +2, Rocket Launcher Schematic 4, Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armour Schematic 1, Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armour Schematic 2, Ring of Dragon Resistance +1, Attack Pendant +2, Ring of Resistance