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Digtoise (Japanese: ドリタス Dritoise) is a Ground icon.png  Ground element Pal.


Digtoise is a large, quadruped tortoise-like Pal, with a robust, armored appearance. Its body is primarily shades of brown, with its head being primarily orange with a jagged armored appearance, its shell has a white rim, and is mainly brown with seven hexagons each one around one of the seven drills on it's shell.

Its primary body color is a brownish-orange, with a cream-colored underbelly. The eyes are a vivid green, set within a sharply contoured face that features a pointed snout. Its most distinctive feature is the heavy shell, which is a dark hue, almost black. The shell is outfitted with several silver, triangular spikes that mimic the look of metallic drills. Its sturdy limbs end in broad paws, each equipped with dark claws. The overall design merges organic and mechanical aesthetics, giving Digtoise an imposing and battle-ready look.

Behavior and habitat

Wild Digtoise exhibit a violent temperament, often attacking players for just wandering near them.

Daytime Digtoise Spawns
Nightime Digtoise Spawns


Digtoise is able to break rocks.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Significantly strengthened mining power for Digtoise's partner skills.
    • Introduced.



Paldeck No.023 DIGTOISE - Palworld Gameplay Pocketpair