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Ore is an item. It's a central material that's used to craft Ingot icon.png  Ingots and Refined Ingot icon.png  Refined Ingots.

Ores are obtained by mining copper Ores, which can be found scattered throughout Palpagos Islands. They are also dropped by Digtoise icon.png  Digtoise.

Ore is used in the Primitive Furnace, Improved Furnace, and Electric Furnace to craft Ingot, Refined Ingot, and Pal Metal Ingot, respectively.


Pal Min Max Chance
Digtoise icon.png  Digtoise 2 3 100%
Digtoise icon.png  Digtoise Alpha/Shiny Pal drop 2 3 100%


Item Materials
Ingot icon.png  Ingot Ingot 2 × Ore icon.png  Ore
Pal Metal Ingot icon.png  Pal Metal Ingot Pal Metal Ingot 4 × Ore icon.png  Ore
2 × Paldium Fragment icon.png  Paldium Fragment
Refined Ingot icon.png  Refined Ingot Refined Ingot 2 × Ore icon.png  Ore
2 × Coal icon.png  Coal