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Technologies are crafting blueprints that are unlocked by Technology Points, which are gained when levelling up, as well as selecting "Unlock Fast Travel" at Great Eagle Statues. Technologies range from weapons & items to saddles and structures. Some technologies require the player to have unlocked previous technology. Others require certain Pals to have been caught by the player to unlock, such as specialized saddles and artillery. A few technologies require both of these conditions to be met.


Technology Points

Technology points are a spendable currency that is received by the player upon level up. These points can be spent on Technology blueprints in the Technology tab of the menu. The first few levels give the player 6 fixed points per level up. Great Eagle Statues also give the player a technology point upon the first time a player character interacts with that specific statue.

List of Technology

Level Technology Cost in Points Notes
1 Primitive Workbench icon.pngPrimitive Workbench None
Stone Axe icon.pngStone Axe None
Stone Pickaxe icon.pngStone Pickaxe None
Hand-held Torch icon.pngHand-held Torch None
Wooden Club icon.pngWooden Club None
2 Palbox icon.pngPalbox 1
Pal Sphere icon.pngPal Sphere 1
Campfire icon.pngCampfire 1
Wooden Chest icon.pngWooden Chest 1
Repair Bench icon.pngRepair Bench 1
Wooden Structure Set icon.pngWooden Structure Set 2
3 Old Bow icon.pngOld Bow 1
Arrow icon.pngArrow 1
Shoddy Bed icon.pngShoddy Bed 1
Straw Pal Bed icon.pngStraw Pal Bed 2
Repair Kit icon.pngRepair Kit 1
Cloth icon.pngCloth 1
4 Common Shield icon.pngCommon Shield 2
Stone Spear icon.pngStone Spear 2
Cloth Outfit icon.pngCloth Outfit 2
Feed Box icon.pngFeed Box 2
Alarm Bell icon.pngAlarm Bell 1
Hanging Trap icon.pngHanging Trap 1
5 Berry Plantation icon.pngBerry Plantation 2
Ranch icon.pngRanch 2
Normal Parachute icon.pngNormal Parachute 2
Fire Bow icon.pngFire Bow 2
Fire Arrow icon.pngFire Arrow 1
Wooden Living Room Furniture Set icon.pngWooden Living Room Furniture Set 1
6 Pal Gear Workbench icon.pngPal Gear Workbench 2
Statue of Power icon.pngStatue of Power 2
Mounted Torch icon.pngMounted Torch 2
Rushoar Saddle icon.pngRushoar Saddle 1 For Rushoar icon.pngRushoar
Foxpark's Harness icon.pngFoxpark's Harness 1 For Foxparks icon.pngFoxparks
Wooden Tavern Furniture Set icon.pngWooden Tavern Furniture Set 1
7 Logging Site icon.pngLogging Site 2
Stone Pit icon.pngStone Pit 2
Sign icon.pngSign 1
Bat icon.pngBat 1
Melpaca Saddle icon.pngMelpaca Saddle 1 For Melpaca icon.pngMelpaca
Celaray's Gloves icon.pngCelaray's Gloves 1 For Celaray icon.pngCelaray
8 Crusher icon.pngCrusher 2
Poison Bow icon.pngPoison Bow 2
Poison Arrow icon.pngPoison Arrow 1
Jolthog's Gloves icon.pngJolthog's Gloves 1 For Jolthog icon.pngJolthog
Daedream's Necklace icon.pngDaedream's Necklace 2 For Daedream icon.pngDaedream
Wooden Tavern Cabinet Furniture Set icon.pngWooden Tavern Cabinet Furniture Set 1
9 Tropical Outfit icon.pngTropical Outfit 3
Tundra Outfit icon.pngTundra Outfit 3
Hot Spring icon.pngHot Spring 2
Sand Bag icon.pngSand Bag 2
Direhowl's Saddled Harness icon.pngDirehowl's Saddled Harness 1 For Direhowl icon.pngDirehowl
Killamari's Gloves icon.pngKillamari's Gloves 1 For Killamari icon.pngKillamari
10 Three Shot Bow icon.pngThree Shot Bow 2
Primitive Furnace icon.pngPrimitive Furnace 3
Feathered Hair Band icon.pngFeathered Hair Band 2
Bear Trap (Small) icon.pngBear Trap (Small) 1
Nail icon.pngNail 1
Surfent Saddle icon.pngSurfent Saddle 1 For Surfent icon.pngSurfent
11 Metal Axe icon.pngMetal Axe 2
Metal Pickaxe icon.pngMetal Pickaxe 2
High Quality Workbench icon.pngHigh Quality Workbench 3
Wooden Gate icon.pngWooden Gate 2
Lifmunk's Submachine Gun icon.pngLifmunk's Submachine Gun 1 For Lifmunk icon.pngLifmunk
Jolthog Cryst's Gloves icon.pngJolthog Cryst's Gloves 1 For Jolthog Cryst icon.pngJolthog Cryst
12 Pelt Armor icon.pngPelt Armor 2
Meat Cleaver icon.pngMeat Cleaver 2
Medieval Medicine Workbench icon.pngMedieval Medicine Workbench 2
Tanzee's Assault Rifle icon.pngTanzee's Assault Rifle 1 For Tanzee icon.pngTanzee
Eikthyrdeer Saddle icon.pngEikthyrdeer Saddle 2 For Eikthyrdeer icon.pngEikthyrdeer
Houseplant Set icon.pngHouseplant Set 1
13 Crossbow icon.pngCrossbow 2
Metal Spear icon.pngMetal Spear 2
Training Dummy icon.pngTraining Dummy 2
Cooler Box icon.pngCooler Box 2
Grintale Saddle icon.pngGrintale Saddle 1 For Grintale icon.pngGrintale
Chillet Saddle icon.pngChillet Saddle 2 For Chillet icon.pngChillet
14 Mega Sphere icon.pngMega Sphere 2
Sphere Workbench icon.pngSphere Workbench 3
Wall Torch icon.pngWall Torch 2
Sweepa Saddle icon.pngSweepa Saddle 1 For Sweepa icon.pngSweepa
Univolt Saddle icon.pngUnivolt Saddle 1 For Univolt icon.pngUnivolt
Antique Storage Set icon.pngAntique Storage Set 1
15 Fire Arrow Crossbow icon.pngFire Arrow Crossbow 2
Wheat Plantation icon.pngWheat Plantation 2
Mill icon.pngMill 2
Monitoring Stand icon.pngMonitoring Stand 2
Viewing Cage icon.pngViewing Cage 2
Nitewing Saddle icon.pngNitewing Saddle 2 For Nitewing icon.pngNitewing
16 Mega Shield icon.pngMega Shield 2
Heat Resistant Pelt Armor icon.pngHeat Resistant Pelt Armor 3
Metal Chest icon.pngMetal Chest 2
Wooden Defensive Wall icon.pngWooden Defensive Wall 1
Arsox Saddle icon.pngArsox Saddle 1 For Arsox icon.pngArsox
Wall-mounted Houseplant Set icon.pngWall-mounted Houseplant Set 1
17 Poison Arrow Crossbow icon.pngPoison Arrow Crossbow 2
Cooking Pot icon.pngCooking Pot 2
Heater icon.pngHeater 2
Pengullet's Rocket Launcher icon.pngPengullet's Rocket Launcher 2 For Pengullet icon.pngPengullet
Flopie's Necklace icon.pngFlopie's Necklace 2 For Flopie icon.pngFlopie
Fireplace Set icon.pngFireplace Set 1
18 Mega Glider icon.pngMega Glider 2
Cold Resistant Pelt Armor icon.pngCold Resistant Pelt Armor 3
Stone Structure Set icon.pngStone Structure Set 3
Cooler icon.pngCooler 2
Tocotoco's Gloves icon.pngTocotoco's Gloves 2 For Tocotoco icon.pngTocotoco
Carpet Set icon.pngCarpet Set 1
19 Breeding Farm icon.pngBreeding Farm 2
Cement icon.pngCement 1
Large Toolbox icon.pngLarge Toolbox 2
Dinossom Saddle icon.pngDinossom Saddle 2 For Dinossom icon.pngDinossom
Digtoise's Headband icon.pngDigtoise's Headband 2 For Digtoise icon.pngDigtoise
Antique Chair Set icon.pngAntique Chair Set 1
20 Giga Sphere icon.pngGiga Sphere 3
Weapon Workbench icon.pngWeapon Workbench 3
Flame Cauldron icon.pngFlame Cauldron 2
Broncherry Saddle icon.pngBroncherry Saddle 2 For Broncherry icon.pngBroncherry
Hangyu's Gloves icon.pngHangyu's Gloves 1 For Hangyu icon.pngHangyu
Antique Storage Cabinet Set icon.pngAntique Storage Cabinet Set 1
21 Musket icon.pngMusket 3
Gunpowder icon.pngGunpowder 2
Coarse Ammo icon.pngCoarse Ammo 1
Vanwyrm Saddle icon.pngVanwyrm Saddle 2 For Vanwyrm icon.pngVanwyrm
Elphidran Saddle icon.pngElphidran Saddle 2 For Elphidran icon.pngElphidran
Antique Desk Set icon.pngAntique Desk Set 1
22 Stun Baton icon.pngStun Baton 2
Bear trap (Large) icon.pngBear trap (Large) 2
Kingpaca Saddle icon.pngKingpaca Saddle 2 For Kingpaca icon.pngKingpaca
Dazzi's Necklace icon.pngDazzi's Necklace 2 For Dazzi icon.pngDazzi
Antique Couch Set icon.pngAntique Couch Set 1
23 Metal Armor icon.pngMetal Armor 2
Metal Helm icon.pngMetal Helm 2
Water Fountain icon.pngWater Fountain 2
Maraith Saddle icon.pngMaraith Saddle 1 For Maraith icon.pngMaraith
Galeclaw's Gloves icon.pngGaleclaw's Gloves 1 For Galeclaw icon.pngGaleclaw
Antique Bath Set icon.pngAntique Bath Set 1
24 Fluffy Pal Bed icon.pngFluffy Pal Bed 2
Flower Bed icon.pngFlower Bed 2
Surfent Terra Saddle icon.pngSurfent Terra Saddle 1 For Surfent Terra icon.pngSurfent Terra
Mossanda's Grenade Launcher icon.pngMossanda's Grenade Launcher 2 For Mossanda icon.pngMossanda
Azurobe Saddle icon.pngAzurobe Saddle 2 For Azurobe icon.pngAzurobe
Antique Mirror Set icon.pngAntique Mirror Set 1
25 Makeshift Handgun icon.pngMakeshift Handgun 3
Heat Resistant Metal Armor icon.pngHeat Resistant Metal Armor 2
Silo icon.pngSilo 2
Mossanda Lux's Grenade Launcher icon.pngMossanda Lux's Grenade Launcher 2 For Mossanda Lux icon.pngMossanda Lux
Eikthyrdeer Terra Saddle icon.pngEikthyrdeer Terra Saddle 2 For Eikthyrdeer Terra icon.pngEikthyrdeer Terra
Piano Furniture Set icon.pngPiano Furniture Set 1
26 Power Generator icon.pngPower Generator 3
Lamp icon.pngLamp 1
Mounted Crossbow icon.pngMounted Crossbow 2
Fenglope Saddle icon.pngFenglope Saddle 3 For Fenglope icon.pngFenglope
Rayhound Saddle icon.pngRayhound Saddle 2 For Rayhound icon.pngRayhound
Metal Shelf Set icon.pngMetal Shelf Set 1
27 Hyper Sphere icon.pngHyper Sphere 3
Sphere Assembly Line icon.pngSphere Assembly Line 3
Cold Resistant Metal Armor icon.pngCold Resistant Metal Armor 2
Ceiling Lamp icon.pngCeiling Lamp 1
Broncherry Aqua Saddle icon.pngBroncherry Aqua Saddle 2 For Broncherry Aqua icon.pngBroncherry Aqua
Bathroom Set icon.pngBathroom Set 1
28 Giga Shield icon.pngGiga Shield 2
Production Assembly Line icon.pngProduction Assembly Line 3
Stump and Axe icon.pngStump and Axe 2
Water Elphidran Saddle icon.pngWater Elphidran Saddle 2 For Elphidran Aqua icon.pngElphidran Aqua
Mammorest Saddle icon.pngMammorest Saddle 2 For Mammorest icon.pngMammorest
Antique High Quality Furniture Set icon.pngAntique High Quality Furniture Set 1
29 Handgun icon.pngHandgun 3
Handgun Ammo icon.pngHandgun Ammo 1
Defensive Wall icon.pngDefensive Wall 2
Dinossom Lux Saddle icon.pngDinossom Lux Saddle 2 For Dinossom Lux icon.pngDinossom Lux
Reindrix Saddle icon.pngReindrix Saddle 2 For Reindrix icon.pngReindrix
30 Mine icon.pngMine 2
Fine Bed icon.pngFine Bed 2
Metal Structure Set icon.pngMetal Structure Set 4
Pickaxe and Helmet icon.pngPickaxe and Helmet 2
Kitsun Saddle icon.pngKitsun Saddle 2 For Kitsun icon.pngKitsun
Pyrin Saddle icon.pngPyrin Saddle 2 For Pyrin icon.pngPyrin
31 High Quality Hot Spring icon.pngHigh Quality Hot Spring 3
Frag Grenade icon.pngFrag Grenade 2
Stone Gate icon.pngStone Gate 2
Reptyro Saddle icon.pngReptyro Saddle 2 For Reptyro icon.pngReptyro
Hangyu Cryst's Glove icon.pngHangyu Cryst's Glove 1 For Hangyu Cryst icon.pngHangyu Cryst
Clock Set icon.pngClock Set 1
32 Weapon Assembly Line icon.pngWeapon Assembly Line 3
Shock Grenade icon.pngShock Grenade 2
Tomato Plantation icon.pngTomato Plantation 2
Witch Cauldron icon.pngWitch Cauldron 2
Blazehowl Saddle icon.pngBlazehowl Saddle 3 For Blazehowl icon.pngBlazehowl
Storage Container Set icon.pngStorage Container Set 1
33 Polymer icon.pngPolymer 2
Electric Mine icon.pngElectric Mine 2
Snowman icon.pngSnowman 2
Helzephyr Saddle icon.pngHelzephyr Saddle 3 For Helzephyr icon.pngHelzephyr
Dark Pyrin Saddle icon.pngDark Pyrin Saddle 2 For Pyrin Noct icon.pngPyrin Noct
Metal Chair and Desk Set icon.pngMetal Chair and Desk Set 1
34 Improved Furnace icon.pngImproved Furnace 4
Refined Metal Axe icon.pngRefined Metal Axe 2
Refined Metal Pickaxe icon.pngRefined Metal Pickaxe 2
Refined Metal Spear icon.pngRefined Metal Spear 3
Beakon Saddle icon.pngBeakon Saddle 3 For Beakon icon.pngBeakon
Antique Lamp Set icon.pngAntique Lamp Set 1
35 Ultra Sphere icon.pngUltra Sphere 4
Sphere Assembly Line II icon.pngSphere Assembly Line II 5
Circuit Board icon.pngCircuit Board 2
Carbon Fiber icon.pngCarbon Fiber 2
Blazehowl Noct's Saddle icon.pngBlazehowl Noct's Saddle 3 For Blazehowl Noct icon.pngBlazehowl Noct
Ironwood Table Set icon.pngIronwood Table Set 1
36 Single-shot Rifle icon.pngSingle-shot Rifle 3
Rifle Ammo icon.pngRifle Ammo 2
High Quality Cloth icon.pngHigh Quality Cloth 2
Large Pal Bed icon.pngLarge Pal Bed 2
Quivern Saddle icon.pngQuivern Saddle 3 For Quivern icon.pngQuivern
Outdoor Furniture Set icon.pngOutdoor Furniture Set 1
37 Refined Metal Armor icon.pngRefined Metal Armor 3
Refined Metal Helm icon.pngRefined Metal Helm 3
Ice Grenade icon.pngIce Grenade 2
Ragnahawk Saddle icon.pngRagnahawk Saddle 3 For Ragnahawk icon.pngRagnahawk
Reptyro Cryst Saddle icon.pngReptyro Cryst Saddle 2 For Reptyro Cryst icon.pngReptyro Cryst
Metal Barrel Set icon.pngMetal Barrel Set 1
38 Refrigerator icon.pngRefrigerator 2
Lettuce Plantation icon.pngLettuce Plantation 3
Ice Mine icon.pngIce Mine 2
Blazamut Saddle icon.pngBlazamut Saddle 4 For Blazamut icon.pngBlazamut
Faleris Saddle icon.pngFaleris Saddle 3 For Faleris icon.pngFaleris
39 Double-barreled Shotgun icon.pngDouble-barreled Shotgun 3
Shotgun Shells icon.pngShotgun Shells 2
Refined Metal Chest icon.pngRefined Metal Chest 3
Jormuntide Saddle icon.pngJormuntide Saddle 2 For Jormuntide icon.pngJormuntide
Leather Chair Set icon.pngLeather Chair Set 1
40 Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor icon.pngHeat Resistant Refined Metal Armor 4
Giga Glider icon.pngGiga Glider 3
Mounted Machine Gun icon.pngMounted Machine Gun 3
Suzaku Saddle icon.pngSuzaku Saddle 4 For Suzaku icon.pngSuzaku
Grizzbolt's Minigun icon.pngGrizzbolt's Minigun 4 For Grizzbolt icon.pngGrizzbolt
Street Lamp Set icon.pngStreet Lamp Set 1
41 Incendiary Grenade icon.pngIncendiary Grenade 2
Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor icon.pngCold Resistant Refined Metal Armor 4
Electric Kitchen icon.pngElectric Kitchen 3
Electric Heater icon.pngElectric Heater 3
Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle icon.pngVanwyrm Cryst Saddle 2 For Vanwyrm Cryst icon.pngVanwyrm Cryst
Amusement Furniture Set icon.pngAmusement Furniture Set 1
42 Pump-action Shotgun icon.pngPump-action Shotgun 4
Production Assembly Line II icon.pngProduction Assembly Line II 5
Electric Cooler icon.pngElectric Cooler 3
Iron Gate icon.pngIron Gate 2
Kingpaca Cryst Saddle icon.pngKingpaca Cryst Saddle 2 For Kingpaca Cryst icon.pngKingpaca Cryst
Emergency Exit Sign Set icon.pngEmergency Exit Sign Set 1
43 Hyper Shield icon.pngHyper Shield 3
Electric Medicine Workbench icon.pngElectric Medicine Workbench 1
Metal Defensive Wall icon.pngMetal Defensive Wall 1
Suzaku Aqua Saddle icon.pngSuzaku Aqua Saddle 4 For Suzaku Aqua icon.pngSuzaku Aqua
Jormuntide Ignis Saddle icon.pngJormuntide Ignis Saddle 2 For Jormuntide Ignis icon.pngJormuntide Ignis
44 Legendary Sphere icon.pngLegendary Sphere 5
Electric Furnace icon.pngElectric Furnace 5
Sword icon.pngSword 3
Relaxaurus's Missile Launcher icon.pngRelaxaurus's Missile Launcher 4 For Relaxaurus icon.pngRelaxaurus
Wumpo Saddle icon.pngWumpo Saddle 4 For Wumpo icon.pngWumpo
45 Assault Rifle icon.pngAssault Rifle 4
Assault Rifle Ammo icon.pngAssault Rifle Ammo 1
Wumpo Botan Saddle icon.pngWumpo Botan Saddle 4 For Wumpo Botan icon.pngWumpo Botan
Mammorest Cryst Saddle icon.pngMammorest Cryst Saddle 2 For Mammorest Cryst icon.pngMammorest Cryst
Traffic Control Set icon.pngTraffic Control Set 1
46 Pal Metal Armor icon.pngPal Metal Armor 4
Pal Metal Helm icon.pngPal Metal Helm 4
Large Mounted Lamp icon.pngLarge Mounted Lamp 2
Relaxaurus Lux's Missile Launcher icon.pngRelaxaurus Lux's Missile Launcher 4 For Relaxaurus Lux icon.pngRelaxaurus Lux
Road Sign Set icon.pngRoad Sign Set 1
47 Weapon Assembly Line II icon.pngWeapon Assembly Line II 5
Large Ceiling Lamp icon.pngLarge Ceiling Lamp 2
Astegon Saddle icon.pngAstegon Saddle 4 For Astegon icon.pngAstegon
Shadowbeak Saddle icon.pngShadowbeak Saddle 4 For Shadowbeak icon.pngShadowbeak
48 Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor icon.pngHeat Resistant Pal Metal Armor 5
Electric Pylon icon.pngElectric Pylon 2
Frostallion Saddle icon.pngFrostallion Saddle 5 For Frostallion icon.pngFrostallion
Frostallion Noct Saddle icon.pngFrostallion Noct Saddle 5 For Frostallion Noct icon.pngFrostallion Noct
Barricade Set icon.pngBarricade Set 1
49 Rocket Launcher icon.pngRocket Launcher 5
Rocket Ammo icon.pngRocket Ammo 2
Paladius Saddle icon.pngPaladius Saddle 5 For Paladius icon.pngPaladius
Necromus Saddle icon.pngNecromus Saddle 5 For Necromus icon.pngNecromus
50 Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor icon.pngCold Resistant Pal Metal Armor 5
Mounted Missile Launcher icon.pngMounted Missile Launcher 3
Jetragon's Missile Launcher icon.pngJetragon's Missile Launcher 5 For Jetragon icon.pngJetragon

Ancient Technology

Ancient Technology are special unlockable blueprints that let the player gain incredibly useful creations. These are unlocked with Ancient Technology Points in the Technology tab of the menu. Some of these technologies require other technology to be unlocked first.

Ancient Technology Points

Ancient technology points are technology points only usable on the purple Ancient Technology blueprints in the Technology tab of the menu. These are given to the player the first time they defeat each boss.

List of Ancient Technology

Ancient Technology Level Cost Additional Requirements for Unlocking
Egg Incubator icon.pngEgg Incubator 7 1
Small Feed Bag icon.pngSmall Feed Bag 10 1
Grappling Gun icon.pngGrappling Gun 12 1
Pal Essence Condenser icon.pngPal Essence Condenser 14 2
Mega Grappling Gun icon.pngMega Grappling Gun 17 2 Unlock Grappling Gun
Average Feed Bag icon.pngAverage Feed Bag 20 2 Unlock Small Feed Bacg
Hip Lantern icon.pngHip Lantern 22 2
Large Feed Bag icon.pngLarge Feed Bag 26 3 Unlock Average Feed Bag
Single-shot Sphere Launcher icon.pngSingle-shot Sphere Launcher 29 4
Giga Grappling Gun icon.pngGiga Grappling Gun 32 3 Unlock Mega Grappling Gun
Huge Feed Bag icon.pngHuge Feed Bag 35 4 Unlock Large Feed Bag
Scatter Sphere Launcher icon.pngScatter Sphere Launcher 38 5
Lily's Spear icon.pngLily's Spear 40 3
Decal Gun Set icon.pngDecal Gun Set 42 1
Giant Feed Bag icon.pngGiant Feed Bag 45 5 Unlock Huge Feed Bag
Hyper Grappling Gun icon.pngHyper Grappling Gun 47 4 Unlock Giga Grappling Gun
Homing Sphere Launcher icon.pngHoming Sphere Launcher 50 5


  • Technologies & Technology Points are likely an blueprint unlocking system inspired from the Engrams & Engram Points system in ARK: Survival Evolved.