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A Ranch built in game with Pals grazing inside.
A Ranch built in game with Pals grazing inside.

Ranch is a base building that allows certain pals to drop certain items. Any Pal assigned to a base with the Farming icon.png  Farming work suitability will graze in the Ranch, generating items. Up to 4 pals can graze at a Ranch at a given time. Pals assigned with more than one work suitability will graze at the Ranch as a secondary job, leaving to complete other tasks.

Drop Table

Pal No. Drop
Beegarde icon.png  Beegarde 050 Honey icon.png  Honey
Caprity icon.png  Caprity 035 Red Berries icon.png  Red Berries
Chikipi icon.png  Chikipi 003 Egg icon.png  Egg
Cremis icon.png  Cremis 018 Wool icon.png  Wool
Flambelle icon.png  Flambelle 070 Flame Organ icon.png  Flame Organ
Lamball icon.png  Lamball 001 Wool icon.png  Wool
Mau icon.png  Mau 024 Gold Coin icon.png  Gold Coin (x10)
Mau Cryst icon.png  Mau Cryst 024B Gold Coin icon.png  Gold Coin (x10)
Melpaca icon.png  Melpaca 036 Wool icon.png  Wool
Mozzarina icon.png  Mozzarina 029 Milk icon.png  Milk
Sibelyx icon.png  Sibelyx 079 High Quality Cloth icon.png  High Quality Cloth
Vixy icon.png  Vixy [1] 014 Arrow icon.png  Arrow (x10), Pal Sphere icon.png  Pal Sphere, Gold Coin icon.png  Gold Coin (x10)
Woolipop icon.png  Woolipop 034 Cotton Candy icon.png  Cotton Candy
Kelpsea icon.png  Kelpsea 081 Pal Fluids icon.png  Pal Fluids
Kelpsea Ignis icon.png  Kelpsea Ignis 081B Flame Organ icon.png  Flame Organ
Dumud icon.png  Dumud 043 High Quality Pal Oil icon.png  High Quality Pal Oil
  1. Vixy will drop one item out of the list at random