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As an open-world survival game, building various structures is a significant part of Palworld. All of the factories and Farming structures must be built in a Base.



  • Palbox – The heart of a base; requiring one paldium fragment, eight wood, and three stone to build. You may initially place one Palbox, which will display a circle around it showing the designated area of your base. Base Level will determine the number of Palboxes that can be placed by your guild in the world. Within this circle, Pals may be assigned to perform work, and you may use resources from your base inventory for crafting and building. If you have a Pal in your party summoned, it will also perform work in the base area. Palboxes may not be placed too close to another existing base. The palbox is used to access Palbox Management to assign Pals to your party, or to your base to perform work. When assigned to work at the base, Pals will spawn behind the Palbox. It is best to leave the area clear so that Pals may walk from behind the Palbox to the rest of the base. Base Pals will need basic amenities to remain healthy to perform work. Pal storage is linked between all Palboxes. Each base will have its own list of assigned base Pals, but you may access stored Pals from any Palbox. Pals must be in storage and not be working at another base to be assigned to a base. The Palbox can also be used to fast travel between other Palboxes and fast travel points, and to upgrade your Base Level. Base Level applies across all bases.
  • Ranch
  • Egg Incubator
  • Statue of Power
  • Sphere Workbench
  • Breeding Farm
  • Monitoring Stand


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  • Mounted Torch


  • Wooden Foundation
  • Wooden Wall


  • Hanging Trap


  • Sign


  • Square Table
  • Round Table