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Farming icon.pngFarming is a Work Suitability. Pals with this suitability will drop items when they graze at a Ranch building.

Pals always have 1 level in Farming icon.pngFarming, though this will rise to level 2 at maximum condensation rank with no discernible benefit.

Note that Farming Pals at the Ranch will produce more products when their Partner Skill level increases through Pal Condensation. Note also that Farming Pals are generally unaffected by work speed buffs provided by Passive Skills or foods like Salad.

Pals with Farming

Pal No. Drop
Beegarde icon.pngBeegarde 050 Honey icon.pngHoney
Caprity icon.pngCaprity 035 Red Berries icon.pngRed Berries
Chikipi icon.pngChikipi 003 Egg icon.pngEgg
Cremis icon.pngCremis 018 Wool icon.pngWool
Flambelle icon.pngFlambelle 070 Flame Organ icon.pngFlame Organ
Lamball icon.pngLamball 001 Wool icon.pngWool
Mau icon.pngMau 024 Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coin (x10)
Mau Cryst icon.pngMau Cryst 024B Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coin (x10)
Melpaca icon.pngMelpaca 036 Wool icon.pngWool
Mozzarina icon.pngMozzarina 029 Milk icon.pngMilk
Sibelyx icon.pngSibelyx 079 High Quality Cloth icon.pngHigh Quality Cloth
Vixy icon.pngVixy [1] 014 Arrow icon.pngArrow (x10), Pal Sphere icon.pngPal Sphere, Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coin (x10)
Woolipop icon.pngWoolipop 034 Cotton Candy icon.pngCotton Candy
Kelpsea icon.pngKelpsea 081 Pal Fluids icon.pngPal Fluids
Kelpsea Ignis icon.pngKelpsea Ignis 081B Flame Organ icon.pngFlame Organ
Dumud icon.pngDumud 043 High Quality Pal Oil icon.pngHigh Quality Pal Oil
  1. Vixy will drop one item out of the list at random