Cotton Candy

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Cotton Candy is a consumable ingredient, no-perishable edible item dropped by Woolipop. Putting Woolipop in the ranch at your base will allow you to farm it. Unlike most other ingredients, cotton candy does not expire.


Pal Min Max Chance
Woolipop icon.png  Woolipop 1 2 100%
Woolipop icon.png  Woolipop Alpha/Shiny Pal drop 1 2 100%


Item Materials
High Quality Recovery Meds icon.png  High Quality Recovery Meds High Quality Recovery Meds 10 × Cavern Mushroom icon.png  Cavern Mushroom
20 × Red Berries icon.png  Red Berries
5 × High Quality Pal Oil icon.png  High Quality Pal Oil
7 × Cotton Candy icon.png  Cotton Candy
5 × Sulfur icon.png  Sulfur
Recovery Meds icon.png  Recovery Meds Recovery Meds 5 × Cavern Mushroom icon.png  Cavern Mushroom
5 × Red Berries icon.png  Red Berries
5 × Pal Fluids icon.png  Pal Fluids
3 × Cotton Candy icon.png  Cotton Candy