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Honey icon.png  Honey is a consumable ingredient item which can be produced at the Ranch by Beegarde icon.png  Beegarde. It can be consumed to restore Hunger and Sanity, or cooked at a Campfire icon.png  Campfire, Cooking Pot icon.png  Cooking Pot, or Electric Kitchen icon.png  Electric Kitchen to produce one of several different Food items.


Pal Min Max Chance
Beegarde icon.png  Beegarde 1 2 100%
Beegarde icon.png  Beegarde Alpha/Shiny Pal drop 1 2 100%
Cinnamoth icon.png  Cinnamoth 1 1 100%
Cinnamoth icon.png  Cinnamoth Alpha/Shiny Pal drop 1 1 100%
Elizabee icon.png  Elizabee 5 5 100%
Elizabee icon.png  Elizabee Alpha/Shiny Pal drop 5 5 100%
Warsect icon.png  Warsect 3 4 100%
Warsect icon.png  Warsect Alpha/Shiny Pal drop 3 4 100%


Item Materials
Cake icon.png  Cake Cake 5 × Flour icon.png  Flour
8 × Red Berries icon.png  Red Berries
7 × Milk icon.png  Milk
8 × Egg icon.png  Egg
2 × Honey icon.png  Honey



The lack of an expiry timer like other Food items may be attributed to the fact that in the real world, uncontaminated properly stored honey does not become unsafe to eat for potentially years.