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Lamball (Japanese: モコロン Mokoron) is a Neutral icon.png  Neutral elemental Pal.


Lamball is a small, spherical sheep-like bipedal Pal. It has brown skin and is covered with white wool, also having two crystals on its chest and a pair of yellow horns.

They have short stubby arms and legs and shiny golden eyes. The body and long ears of Lamball are a greyish brown with white wool enveloping their body. On the top of a Lamball's head features two small orange horns. They have two gold gems on their chest similar to buttons which, combined with their wool, give off the appearance of a parka.

Behavior and habitat

Lamball have a neutral temperament. Lamballs are curious of the Player when they approach it. If it witnesses a player attack another Lamball, it will run and roll into said player as a means of attack with its signature Roly Poly Active Skill. If a Lamball is constantly attacked, it will not be able to retaliate in any way.

Lamball like to graze in the starter islands in herds of 3-4 Lamball.

Daytime Lamball Spawns
Nightime Lamball Spawns


Lamball is able to build.

Lamball drops Wool icon.png  Wool & Lamball Mutton icon.png  Lamball Mutton when killed.

Lamball are often used as a starter or early game base Pal, as they are able to do Handiwork and are a reliable source of Wool when assigned to a Ranch.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.4 to 0.48.
    • Introduced.


  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #007 on 07/07/2023:
  • Lamball was also featured in the Cooking with Pals - Lamb BBQ animation.
  • Chikipi's Paldeck entry mentions Lamball as being one of the weakest Pals alongside Chikipi.
    • Despite this, Lamball is slightly stronger than Chikipi and on par with Cattiva.
  • Lamball's name may be a portmanteau of “lamb” and “ball”.
  • Its Japanese name may come from モコモコ mokomoko (onomatopoeia for fluffiness) and 転んだ koronda (to tumble) or コロコロ korokoro (onomatopoeia for round things rolling).


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