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Verdash (Japanese: ラベロット Raberotto) is a Grass icon.png  Grass element Pal.


Verdash has a sleek humanoid rabbit-like appearance. It's torso, arms, head, and bottom half of it's legs are a lemon chiffon color. It has white sclera and brown irises.

Verdash has long rabbit-like ears, that are a gradient of lemon chiffon and pale green, while the inside of it's ears are sandy brown. In between it's ears is a tuft of pale green hair, with a yellow highlight in the middle. On the pal's neck resides a flower like pale green main, with yellow highlights.

On the lower half of it's torso and upper legs, is pale green fur, similar to shorts. The waistline is sandy brown. Right above it's knee, the green fur stops, replaced with a yellow flower-like rim. It has a pale green fluffy tail on it's back side.

Behavior and habitat

When it spots the player, it does a hand gesture similar to Anubis, challenging the player to a battle.

Verdash is an aggressive pal.

Daytime Verdash Spawns
Nightime Verdash Spawns


Verdash is able to ???.




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