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Anubis (Japanese: アヌビス Anubis) is a Ground icon.png  Ground element pal.


Anubis is a medium sized jackal-like humanoid Pal, with human hands, animal feat, and a dog-like snout, that has a light-brown complexion overall, though the top half of its head and the "hair" or "veil" that drapes behind are the exceptions, being a dark brown instead. The eyes, nose, and inner canals of the tall, pointed ears are a sky blue in colour, and there is a round gold jewel upon the centre of its forehead. The aforementioned "hair"/"veil" ends in a broad, intricate, gold woven pattern, lined with small, round, sky blue gems. The tail is fairly long, and ends in a bushy dark brown tip. Perhaps due to its penchant for martial prowess, Anubis possesses fully developed hands, with a thumb and four fingers on each. The feet end in three toes each, and unlike an actual canine, appear to be more plantigrade rather than digitigrade.

Anubis is one of the few Pals that is depicted actively wearing clothing; its general attire roughly evokes the popular imagery of Egyptian-style dress, with sky blue accents and gold lining. The attire includes a broad, collared top resembling the wesekh worn by pharaohs, that drapes over the shoulders and exposes its midriff, sleeve-like gauntlets on the forearms, knee-length trousers, and anklet bands. The top is gold with a blue jewel at the collar, while the gauntlets and trousers are the same dark brown colour as its head and "veil". Anubis is fairly tall in stature, at about 180-185 cm in height (not counting the ears).

Behavior and habitat

Anubis can only be encountered as an Alpha Pal in the Twilight Dunes, always spawning in front of a carved rock face monument of itself.

Anubis is an aggressive Pal, and will attack the player character when nearby.

Daytime Anubis Spawns
Nightime Anubis Spawns


Anubis is a very powerful and useful Pal both in combat and in the player's base. In combat, it possesses high attack and several exclusive Ground-type moves that make it a great damage dealer, while its passive allows it to completely dodge the powerful attacks of enemy Pals on occasion. In the base, Anubis has the highest base Handiwork icon.png  Handiwork suitability in the entire game, and a decently high Mining icon.png  Mining and Transporting icon.png  Transporting skill, making it excellent for performing work on the assembly line, gathering Ore, or moving items around the base.

Anubis's Partner Skill, Guardian of the Desert, has multiple passive effects. The first changes the player's attacks to Ground type while Anubis is deployed, and grants +5%/+6%/+7%/+8%/+10% additional player damage based on Partner Skill Level. The second grants it a sidestep ability, allowing it to occasionally dodge attacks while in battle.

It has quite the preference for various martial stances, possessing a naturally high Attack stat and a few Ground-type moves that are exclusive to it that make it great at inflicting damage, and can also occasionally evade enemy attacks whilst in battle, courtesy of its Partner Skill.

As a labourer, Anubis is the only Pal with a base Handiwork suitability of 4, making it the best factory worker in-game. This is coupled with decently high Mining and Transporting skills, which also makes it an excellent choice for mining and gathering ore, coal, or quartz deposits, or moving items around the base.

Whether working in a player's base or in combat, Anubis may prove to be one of the more versatile Pals in the game's roster.



  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #010 on 15/07/2023:
  • This Pal bears resemblance to the Egyptian god of its namesake, Anubis, which is actually the Greek and Latin name of the deity.
  • Anubis is the Pal that is prominently featured as the Statue of Power.
    • This choice could be intentional, as the fact that the statues require souls and effigies from the player to enhance stats could be alluding to Anubis being the god of funeral rites and judgement of the dead in ancient Egyptian cultural practice.
  • Melpaca, Anubis, and Suzaku are the only Pals with essentially the same name in Japanese and English.


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