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Bellanoir (Japanese: ベラノワール Bellanoir) is a Dark icon.png  Dark elemental Pal. It has an Dark icon.png  Dark element variation, Bellanoir Libero.

It is also a Raid-exclusive Pal.


Bellanoir is a tall humanoid Pal whose appearance resembles a witch. Its body has the appearance of a black flowing gown, with a ring of red eye-like patterns along the waist and a large blueish-purple flames visible beneath the skirt in place of legs. Each arm has fraying sleeves, ending with three white triangles, forming a shape vaguely resembling a hand. The Pal's left eye has eyelashes and a red pupil, while the space where the Pal's right eye would be is covered by blue hair. There is an antler-like protrusion coming out of the left side of the Pal's forehead, which starts blue and forms a gradient to a light purple at the tip.

Behavior and habitat

Bellanoir is confirmed to be Palworld's first Raid Boss. Bellanoir's type(s), behavior, and moves are currently unknown.

Summoned at a Summoning Altar by using Bellanoir's Slab icon.png  Bellanoir's Slab. When defeated will receive an Egg that will hatch into it.


Bellanoir's drops, combat capabilities, Passives, Partner Skills, and work suitabilities are currently unknown.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.



  • This Pal was featured in Special Paldeck #001 on 05/04/24:
  • Bellanoir is the first Pal to be added to the game after its initial release. On March 15, 2024, Bellanoir was announced to be added as the game's first Raid Boss.[1]
  • Bellanoir's name is a portmanteau of "bella" (which means beautiful in some romance languages) and "noir", which means black in French.
  • It was first shown in a teaser trailer for Raid Battles:
  • Bellanoir is tied with Bellanoir Libero for highest Attack of all Pals, at 150.
  • Although the active Skill is learned at level 50, Bellanoir is able to use the partner skill, which activates that skill, without being level 50.


Special Paldeck No.001 BELLANOIR - Palworld Gameplay Pocketpair