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Galeclaw (Japanese: エアムルグ Aimurgh) is a Neutral icon.png  Neutral element Pal.


Galeclaw resembles a medium-sized bird-of-prey, with white plumage covering the head, neck, tail, and chest areas, and brown feathers for the legs, body, and wing plumage. The beak is short and curved, and the feet bear four talons each; both are colored yellow. The eyes are a reddish-brown and narrow in shape. Two long, thin feathers sprout from the eyebrows, which have a gradient colouration of light blue or turquoise at the head to a lime green towards the tips. The topside plumage of its wings also bear a light brown colouring, while the underside plumage of the body and wings is mostly white with an alternating layer of brown feathers, accented with turquoise-coloured feather tips.

Behavior and habitat

Galeclaws can be a very annoying nuisance to deal with for early-game players, as they like to harass their prey from above. Much like Direhowls, they often spawn in groups of three or more, and have a tendency to attack almost everything and anything that they come across. If one spots a player, expect the whole flock to pursue for a quite a long time, seemingly without getting tired.

Wild Galeclaw can be often found scavenging the corpses of humans or Pals leftover from a fight. While eating, these Pals won't become hostile towards near players but will readily start attacking after finishing the meal.

Players are advised to shoot at it with ranged weapons to get it to fall from the sky, as it will never come down on its own.

Daytime Galeclaw Spawns
Nightime Galeclaw Spawns


While its partner skill doesn't allow for true flight, it should still be an option to consider for an early-game player who wishes to get a relatively stamina-efficient method of air travel as soon as possible. Though, by the time the player reaches the level required for the item that activates its partner skill, there are probably better options available to them (such as a flying Pal that can actually serve as a mount).


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.



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