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The ingame Survival Guide picture of a Lucky Gumoss

Lucky Pals icon.png  Lucky Pals are rare and shining Pal variants found in the overworld. They emit a shining or sparkling sound and are surrounded by glowing, star-like particles (They will no longer emit the sounds and particles after they're captured). The chance of a Pal being Lucky is currently unknown.


At a rare chance, any Pal that naturally spawns in the overworld can generate as a Lucky Pal. These Pals are always of a species local to the area, will spawn at a higher level than the regular Pals, possess a random Active Skill as if it ate a random Skill Fruit, and are guaranteed to have the 'Lucky' Passive Skill, providing them +15% Work Speed and +15% Attack.

Although some Pals will run away upon spotting the player, a Lucky Pal is often steadfast and will remain idle.

When defeated, they are guaranteed to drop some amount of Ancient Civilization Parts and Precious Items. As with any drop table, capturing a Lucky Pal will net you these items. Using the Meat Cleaver for its Butcher command on a Lucky Pal will again grant more Ancient Civilization Parts and Precious Items.

Key Differences

Lucky Pals are slightly different from regular Pals:

  • Lucky Pals will always come with the "Lucky" passive trait, which gives +15% Work Speed and +15% Attack.
  • They are larger than regular Pals, akin toAlpha Pals icon.png  Alpha.
  • Catching a Lucky Pal awards Ancient Civilization Parts icon.png  Ancient Civilization Parts.
  • They always have one random non-exclusive Active Skill.
  • They are considerably stronger than regular Pals at the same level.

Aesthetic Effects

When found in the wild, they emit a 'sparkling' sound and have a unique glowing aura. But, once caught and tamed, their audio effect and visual aura disappear. All other gameplay effects, as well as their size, are still retained when captured.

Encountering Lucky Pals

When Lucky Pals spawn, they produce a sort of 'sparkling' sound, that the player may follow to track where they are. There is no need to be wary of the Lucky Pal running away upon spotting you. The Lucky will not despawn as long as you can still hear it, though environmental hazards can still defeat it.


Once found, be aware that a Lucky Pal can be more dangerous to fight for a multitude of reasons.

The higher level and Lucky passive means that the Pal can deal far more damage than their base species, in addition to having a far larger effective health pool.

An increased size potentially means that melee-based attacks will have a much larger hitbox, such as a very large Rushoar charging, or a Loupmoon swiping its claws in much broader strokes.

As a Lucky Pal will have a random Active Skill that its species normally might not have, be prepared for any attack to come your way. It may be an enormous laser-type attack, or a twin tornado attack, or even a fast-moving, low-cooldown projectile that can whittle your healthbar down over time.

Once a Lucky Pal is caught, it retains all of its gameplay traits, making them potentially powerful assets.

Pals unable to spawn Lucky

This is a list of all the pals that can never be found as Lucky in the wild due to being a world-boss only spawn or can only be obtained through breeding.

Elphidran Aqua icon.png  Elphidran Aqua Relaxaurus Lux icon.png  Relaxaurus Lux Broncherry Aqua icon.png  Broncherry Aqua Anubis icon.png  Anubis Jormuntide icon.png  Jormuntide Lyleen Noct icon.png  Lyleen Noct Paladius icon.png  Paladius Necromus icon.png  Necromus Frostallion icon.png  Frostallion Frostallion Noct icon.png  Frostallion Noct Jetragon icon.png  Jetragon Bellanoir icon.png  Bellanoir Bellanoir Libero icon.png  Bellanoir Libero



  • Lucky Pals are internally programmed as Alpha Pals. This is the reason why their glow disappear when caught and why Alpha Pals cannot be found as Lucky.