Meat Cleaver

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Meat Cleaver icon.pngMeat Cleaver is a weapon which can be crafted at a Primitive Workbench icon.pngPrimitive Workbench. It can be equipped by the Player and used to attack Pals or Humans.


Equipping the Meat Cleaver icon.pngMeat Cleaver replaces the "Pet" option with a "Slaughter" option in the Pal Menu. This allows you to permanently kill a Pal you have captured, granting you the resources you would have gained for killing it in the wild. Since capturing a Pal also grants you rewards, this allows you to "double dip" on drops.

Alpha Pals may be slaughtered, providing their rare drops and even providing a chance for extremely rare drops like Jewelery or Schematics.

Humans may be slaughtered, providing Pal Sphere icon.pngPal Spheres, Ammo, and Gold Coin icon.pngGold Coins.


Material Quantity
Ingot icon.png Ingot 5
Wood icon.png Wood 20
Stone icon.png Stone 5
Output Quantity
Meat Cleaver icon.png Meat Cleaver 1