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Jetragon (Japanese: ジェッドラゴン Jedragon) is a Dragon icon.png  Dragon element Pal.


Jetragon is a medium sized, flying jet-like draconic pal. Its body is mostly dull blue with some black sections on the head, and has an off-white stomach and lower jaw. The top of its head features what resembles a black helmet with protruding horns that have bright red-orange stripes. It has bulky darker blue hands that sport two claws, the wrists of Jetragon have an orange stripe. The thighs of Jetragon feature hollowed out parts that resemble jet engines, and have a orange dot in their center. The feet on Jetragon look similar to its hands but lack stripes. Jetragon's tail is long and greatly resembles the tail of an airplane, its tail is a darker blue and has off-white stripes present. Its back features what resembles a black seat and has four orange spikes. For each of these spikes, it features large bright magenta wings present, the wing has four orange spikes on it which the pink energy sections of Jetragon's wings attach to.

Behavior and habitat

It attacks on sight.

Daytime Jetragon Spawns
Nightime Jetragon Spawns


As a Legendary Pal, it comes with the Legend passive skill.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.1 to 0.12.
    • Introduced.



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