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Mossanda (Japanese: ササゾー Sasazō) is a Grass icon.png  Grass element Pal. It has an Electric icon.png  Electric element variation, Mossanda Lux.


Mossanda is a large panda-like Pal with big arms and green moss on its head, resembling a mask. Its body is three-toned relatively equally between lime green, white and black. It has a dark green leaf on top of its head. It also has green details on its knuckles and belly.

Behavior and habitat

Frequently sighted in the wild roaming in pairs or alone, it has an aggressive temperament, attacking players that enter its proximity.

Daytime Mossanda Spawns
Nightime Mossanda Spawns


Mossanda is able to ???.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Mitigated an issue where using Mossanda's partner skill "Grenadier Panda" on a dungeon boss would cause the boss to get stuck in walls.
    • Introduced.




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