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Kingpaca (Japanese: アルパオー Alpaō) is a Neutral icon.png  Neutral element Pal. It has an Ice icon.png  Ice element variation, Kingpaca Cryst.


Kingpaca is a huacaya-alpaca-like Pal with fluffy wool that is massive compared to the much smaller Melpaca. Its body is mainly white and red with some yellow patterning along its sides and back and gold adornments at the front, its head bears a three-pointed golden crown like adornment and like Melpaca its feet do not end in the typical two toes like alpaca have, instead having one singular red toenail.

Behavior and habitat

Kingpaca can only be found as an Alpha Pal and is always being escorted by 2 Melpaca. The whole ensemble becomes aggressive once any of them is struck.

Daytime Kingpaca Spawns
Nightime Kingpaca Spawns


Kingpaca's Partner Skill, King of Muscles, has two effects. The passive effect requires the Kingpaca Saddle icon.png  Kingpaca Saddle to use, and, while Kingpaca is in the player's party, grants the player a +100/+110/+120/+130/+140 bonus to Carrying capacity, scaling with Partner Skill Level. This bonus stacks with other Pals in the party for an additive effect.

This is the second largest passive Carrying capacity boost in the game, tied with Broncherry icon.png  Broncherry, Broncherry Aqua icon.png  Broncherry Aqua, and Kingpaca Cryst icon.png  Kingpaca Cryst, and below Wumpo icon.png  Wumpo and Wumpo Botan icon.png  Wumpo Botan.

The active effect also requires the Kingpaca Saddle icon.png  Kingpaca Saddle to use, and allows the player to mount the Kingpaca and manually activate its moves.

Kingpaca has a base Stamina of ??, and a Mount Speed of ??, making it the second? slowest Mount in the game, above Sweepa icon.png  Sweepa, Broncherry icon.png  Broncherry, and Broncherry Aqua icon.png  Broncherry Aqua.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.




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