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Chillet (Japanese: オコチョ Okocho) is an Ice icon.png  Ice / Dragon icon.png  Dragon element Pal.


Chillet is a large, Mustelidae-like Pal crossed with a Wyrm, a long-bodied wingless dragon. It has a long body, two large ears, and four stubby legs. It is typically seen standing on its hind legs, though it assumes a quadrupedal form when roaming around or when being ridden by the player. Chillet's body appears light blue on the top and white on the bottom, also bearing several dark blue highlights along its chest, ears, back fins, and tail, some of which resemble scales or ice crystals. This Pal possesses cheek tufts made of two distinct mini-tufts, and simple anime-styled eyes. It has long ears ending in the previously mentioned dark blue markings. Along the back there are several draconic spines.

Behavior and habitat

Wild Chillet are found in groups near some snowy areas. This Pal is generally pacific and may run away from the player, only resorting to violence after being attacked.

Chillet can also be encountered as a Level 11 Alpha Pal in Windswept Hills.

Daytime Chillet Spawns
Nightime Chillet Spawns


Chillet is a very useful companion in early-game, and remains useful throughout most playthroughs. Chillet's attacks are powerful for its relatively low starting level, and it can serve as a fast mount with its ability. An easy way to level up a Chillet is to go outside while it is night, as its attacks are strong against the numerous Dark types that appear at that time.

Chillet can perform Cooling and Gathering tasks, albeit at a fairly high cost in food compared to other Pals.

Chillet excels at serving as a Combat Mount for the player. It can use strong offensive abilities over a wide range—this allows Chillet to attack in a large sweep, dishing out considerable damage to many enemies.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.4 to 0.48.
    • Introduced.



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