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Fuddler (Japanese: モグルン Mogurun) is a Ground icon.png  Ground element Pal.


Fuddler is a small mole-like Pal. It is primarily a light brown color with dark brown on its lower body and arms. Its head displays some shaggy fur and has some rabbit-like ears on the top of its head. It has a yellow collar around its neck resembling a scarf. The snout, muzzle and stomach of Fuddler all come tan. Fuddler's claws are large in appearance having maroon patterns and end with three claws. The lower half of Fuddler in comparison is short ending in a maroon pattern and only featuring stubby feet.

Behavior and habitat

Fuddler is a passive Pal, and will only attack the character when attacked.

Daytime Fuddler Spawns
Nightime Fuddler Spawns


Fuddler is able to ???.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.4 to 0.48.
    • Introduced.


  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #??? on ??/??/2023:
  • This Pal takes inspiration from the simple mole, specifically the Talpidae Mole with their signature oversized paws.