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Sibelyx (Japanese: シルキーナ Silkyna) is an Ice icon.png  Ice element pal.


Sibelyx resembles a humanoid white moth with wing-like upper limbs that resemble sleeves and end in a serrated border. Its body is hourglass-shaped and reminiscent of a dress, mainly pure white. A white ruff covers its neck and crowning its head there's a wide-brim hat with a pair of feathery antennae on top. Striped gray markings are found all over its body except for its face and ruff.

Behavior and habitat

This Pal can be found as an Alpha Pal in the Sealed Realm of the Pristine and may start attacking upon noticing the player. Non-alphas are passive and will run away unless the player attacks.

Daytime Sibelyx Spawns
Nightime Sibelyx Spawns


Sibelyx is capable of Medicine Reproduction Lv.2, Cooling Lv.2, & Farming Lv.1. It can create High Quality Cloth when working at a ranch.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.



Paldeck No.043 SIBELYX - Palworld Gameplay Pocketpair