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Incineram (Japanese: ヘルゴート Hellgoat) is a Fire icon.png  Fire / Dark icon.png  Dark element Pal. It has an Dark icon.png  Dark element variation, Incineram Noct.


Incineram is a large, intimidating Pal resembling a satyr. It is a black and red, above average (human) height bipedal Pal sporting ribcage-like protrusions and a spike from its torso and a pair of horns from its head, as well as tufts of white fur from its ankles and upper torso. Overall, it appears to be a blend of a goat, sheep, and hyena.

It seems fairly tall and is predominantly black in colour, with a bright red-orange hue covering its stomach, forearms and hands, hooved feet, muzzle, and the inside of its triangular ears. The head is fairly small and triangular in shape, with a tapering snout. Trailing from behind the head is a large waist-long bundle of black and red-orange hair that is tied into a short "tail" at the end. Around its shoulders, upper torso, and the base of its hooves are large tufts of white fur. It has long digitigrade legs, and its forearms are thicker than its biceps, ending in bony three-clawed hands each. There is also a small red claw at the back of each foot. It has lavender-coloured eyes that seem perpetually angry at all times.

Breaking up this colour scheme of white, black, and red are several bony protrusions found on the head and torso; namely, four parts wrapped around the sides in a ribcage-like fashion, a chest spike, and perhaps most distinctively, a pair of large goat-like horns that curve up and away.

Its overall silhouette is similar to that of a fellow Dark-element Pal, Loupmoon.

Behavior and habitat

While it can be found naturally in the most south-western parts of the map, players are most likely to have their first encounter with this creature as a nasty raider, whether they're helping Syndicate members in the early game, or leading an invasion of others of either its own kind, or a gang of Leezpunks at higher levels.

It is a swift, highly aggressive, and destructive combatant, and especially devastating in groups. May woe befall those who built their buildings and foundations entirely out of wood when an invasion of these Pals occurs, without bothering to transition even some of their base to more fire-resistant stone-built foundations yet. If such an event happens to someone, with their house, storage, and crafting facilities razed to the ground, and having to spending a long period of time scavenging up the resources left behind (and sending those that didn't make it back to the Palbox) and re-organising everything again, it is best to let that event be a wake-up call for deciding on increased importance in stone infrastructure and base defence as they recover.

In its own habitat, this Pal is active at any time of the day (due to it being a Dark element Pal rather than simply being nocturnal), so there is no need to worry about them disappearing when the sun rises in the horizon, if a player is seeking one out. Rather strangely, they can on occasion be found interacting with Leezpunks in the wild, suggesting an odd friendship of sorts. The two sometimes fight together in the wild, and as mentioned earlier, Leezpunk raids on player bases are often led by an Incineram. Befitting to its raiding behaviour, Incineram are very aggressive, and will viciously go on the attack the moment a player is spotted. It has a preference for unleashing area-of-effect attacks from range, before closing in quickly with a melee attack, such as with its signature move "Hellfire Claw".

Daytime Incineram Spawns
Nightime Incineram Spawns


Incineram is able to build. If employed as a Base Pal, Incinerams will still continue working through the night, and won't need beds to accommodate them, as sleep is not a necessity. If not tasked with anything, Incineram will simply wander about the base. These traits are shared with other nocturnal and Dark element Pals.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.



  • Incineram was named by the community during a Name This Pal event.
  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #005 on 30/06/2023:
  • The name is a portmanteau of the words incinerate and ram.
  • Incineram seems loosely based off of depictions of Baphomet, an occult/satanic figure described by the Knights Templar in the 14th century, or perhaps the Jersey Devil, a North American cryptid. The former seems more likely, as it is called "Baphomet" within the game files.


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