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Cawgnito (Japanese: マスクロウ Maskrow) is a Dark icon.png  Dark element Pal.


Cawgnito is a greyish-black avian Pal resembling a Corvidae bird species, such as a crow or raven, that stands almost as tall as a human. Its body is primarily black, with some white features like their bottom half and their face that resembles a plague mask that used to be used by doctors. The skull-like ivory-colored face resembles a mask with a long beak, and the hollow black eyes feature large red pupils that gleam brightly. It has plumage that resembles a large hat on the top of the head. The wings, when folded, resemble that of a cloak or cape, and the inner parts of the wings are a deep red. A gold gem, perhaps suggesting a brooch, is featured on the chest. From the waist down, Cawgnito's feathers are white and rugged in contrast to the smooth black feathers of the upper half. Cawgnito sports tan legs with two clawed talons at the front and one at the back on each foot.

Behavior and habitat

Cawgnito, being a nocturnal Pal, can only be found at night. Cawgnito will still be able to spawn for a while after the break of dawn, and won't completely disappear until the sun is actually visibly rising in the horizon. It's generally a pacifist Pal minding its own business unless attacked.

Cawgnito move in small murders of 2-3 at night. If there are human bodies left behind, Cawgnito will rush between the bodies, consuming them.

(Leezpunk have been seen chasing Cawgnito in Paldeck trailers, what interactions these pals have with each other is unknown)

Nightime Cawgnito Spawns


Cawgnito will assist with logging activities at your base. If employed as a Base Pal, cawgnitos will still continue working through the night, and won't need beds for sleeping. If not tasked with anything, it'll simply wander about the base. These traits are shared with all nocturnal Pals.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.



Paldeck No.036 CAWGNITO - Palworld Gameplay Pocketpair