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Foxparks (Japanese: キツネビ Kitsunebi) is a Fire icon.png  Fire element Pal.


Foxparks is a small fox-like Pal. Fire envelops its legs and the tip of its tail. Its belly and ears are complemented by a beige color, but it is otherwise entirely orange. Its ears are long with the insides being tan and the ends of the ears are tipped in black. It has eyebrows that are a lighter shade of yellow. On each side of Foxsparks' face, messy tufts of fur are visible. The stomach of Foxsparks like the inside of its ears are tan. It has a large bushy tail that like its ears, is tipped with a black pattern. A prominent feature on Foxsparks is being engulfed with flames that cover over its legs and the tip of its tail. The eyes of Foxparks come a crimson red color.

Being partially on fire, Foxparks light up the area around themselves.

Behavior and habitat

This Pal is a fairly timid creature that will usually flee away upon sighting a player. It is usually found travelling alone or in pairs.

Daytime Foxparks Spawns
Nightime Foxparks Spawns


Foxparks are valuable as an early-game source of Kindling. They enable the automation of cooking, lighting up torches, and the smelting of ingots well into the mid-game until the player gains access to more potent Fire pals.

Foxparks' decent combat abilities and innate function as a mobile light-source also makes them useful for early exploration, combat, and defense.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.4 to 0.48.
    • Introduced.


  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #001 on 16/06/2023:
  • This Pal may take inspiration from Japanese folklore about foxes gaining supernatural abilities as they age, including the ability to wield fire. As such, its Japanese name is a combination of the Japanese term used for foxes in general and 火 bi (fire)
  • The name Foxparks may come from the words fox and sparks.


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