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Broncherry Aqua (Japanese: スプラドン Spladon) is the Water icon.png  Water element variation of Broncherry.


Broncherry Aqua is a large sauropod-like Pal with a very strong resemblance to its Grass icon.png  Grass equivalent, Broncherry icon.png  Broncherry, It has a blue body accented with darker lines. Its yellow petal-like extensions encircle the base of its neck and form two parallel rows along the upper neck, loosely resembling the appearance of certain dicraeosaurids. Along its tail, rows of blue leafy appendages are present on each side. Additionally it has a crystalline blue semi-sphere located on the top of its snout and a similar tear shaped piece on the center of its lower neck.

Behavior and habitat

Broncherry Aqua are peaceful Pals that typically refrain from aggression unless provoked. This Pal can only be encountered as an Alpha Pal.

Daytime Broncherry Aqua Spawns
Nightime Broncherry Aqua Spawns


Broncherry Aqua is a large Grass Pal with a decent move pool. The ability to mount Broncherry once the saddle is crafted is useful to manually activate its moves in combat, but its viability is limited by its low Mount Speed.

Broncherry Aqua's Partner Skill, Overaffectionate, has two effects. The passive effect is always active, and, while in the player's party, grants the player a +100/+110/+120/+130/+140 bonus to Carrying capacity, scaling with Partner Skill Level. This bonus stacks with other Pals in the party for an additive effect.

This is the second largest passive Carrying capacity boost in the game, tied with Broncherry icon.png  Broncherry, Kingpaca icon.png  Kingpaca, and Kingpaca Cryst icon.png  Kingpaca Cryst, and below Wumpo icon.png  Wumpo and Wumpo Botan icon.png  Wumpo Botan.

The active effect requires the Unknown icon.png  Water Broncherry Saddle to use, and allows the player to mount the Broncherry Aqua and manually activate its moves.

Broncherry has a base Stamina of 100, and a Mount Speed of 500, making it the slowest Mount in the game, tied with Sweepa icon.png  Sweepa and Broncherry icon.png  Broncherry.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.


  • Its Japanese name may come from Splash and ラブラドン Loveladon (Broncherry's Japanese name)