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Weight is a stat Players have.

Increasing Weight allows you to carry more items.

Weight can be increased by either using skill points or by having certain pals (Cattiva, Kingpaca, Lunaris) in your party.

When a player's Weight goes above its maximum their movement & speed will be affected. Using the 300 base Weight as an example, if you're at 310 Weight you would be slowed by 20%. Carrying 50 more Weight than your maximum Weight will not allow you to move in versions of the game prior to v0.1.4.0, and will otherwise just slow you dramatically. This movement reduction also affects pals you're riding.

Before patch v0.1.4.0, the only way to move when your character is fully overweight is by using a grapping hook, or to drop some items to reduce your Weight.

When overweight you cannot jump, sprint or glide.

Relevant partner skills

Pals can increase your weight capacity when in your party, though some require crafted items to take effect. Multiple pals of the same type can be in your inventory for additive effects.

Pal Capacity increase 1☆ 2☆ 3☆ 4☆
Cattiva icon.png  Cattiva +50 +60 +70 +80 +90
Lunaris icon.png  Lunaris +80 +90 +100 +110 +120
Broncherry icon.png  Broncherry +100 +110 +120 +130 +140
Broncherry Aqua icon.png  Broncherry Aqua +100 +110 +120 +130 +140
Kingpaca icon.png  Kingpaca +100 +110 +120 +130 +140
Kingpaca Cryst icon.png  Kingpaca Cryst +100 +110 +120 +130 +140
Wumpo icon.png  Wumpo +120 +130 +140 +150 +160
Wumpo Botan icon.png  Wumpo Botan +120 +130 +140 +150 +160