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Dazzi (Japanese: カミナラシ Kaminarashi) is an Electric icon.png  Electric element Pal.


Dazzi is a lavender-coloured oni- or djinn-like Pal. It is rather small (perhaps roughly 80-90 cm tall compared to a player character), possessing a slender humanoid body with two arms which end in hands and no visible legs. Around their chest is either a purple bandeau or a stripe that resembles one. Its lower half from the hips down is obscured by an amorphous white cloud. Whether or not it possesses legs hidden in the cloud or not is unknown/up to interpretation. The head is fairly large and round, dominated by white hair matching the colour of their clouds. The back of the hair features a ponytail that somewhat resembles a lightning bolt. On the top of its head, a single purple horn can be seen jutting out through the white hair, the fringe of which obscures the eyes.

Dazzi is constantly depicted with a grinning expression displayed on its face, often putting their hands toward their mouths, serving to emphasize their impish and mischievous nature.

Behavior and habitat

This Pal is quite curious by nature and will often follow around any players caught within their field of vision for a while. Care must be taken when attacking a group of these, as the pressure from their various area-of-effect skills will build up quite fast if the player isn't tactful or quick enough; at the worst case scenario, a group of hostile Dazzis can effectively paralyze-lock a player with repeated electric attacks, whittling the player's health down while doing so.

Daytime Dazzi Spawns
Nightime Dazzi Spawns


Dazzi is able to power generators.

If following the player around via Dazzi's Necklace, there will be occasions where Dazzi's model will interfere with the placement of facilities and structures, so until a future fix is added that removes model collision during this state, or something along those lines, it is advised that a player put away his/her Dazzi from the party until after construction is finished.



  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #035 on 13/10/2023: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV2xqCzm034
  • During the game's early development, Dazzi was referred to as "Raijindaughter"; Raijin (also called Raiden) being the Shinto deity of lightning and thunder, who was sometimes depicted with a chariot or lower half made of clouds. This placeholder name survived in the form of the Japanese name of Dazzi's partner skill, Kaminarimusume (literally "lightning daughter", where "lightning" could also be read as "thunder god"), which in turn was reinterpreted in the English locale as "Lady of Lightning".
  • Its Japanese name may come from 雷 kaminari (lightning) and 嵐 arashi (storm).
  • Dazzi does not have a gender ratio of 1-to-1 Male to Female. Dazzi has a 20% chance to spawn as a male and an 80% chance to spawn as a female; this is in contrast with most other Pals, which have an equal chance to spawn with either gender. Other Pals with uneven gender ratios include Mozzarina, Beegarde, Elizabee, Lovander, Kingpaca, Kingpaca Cryst, Warsect, Lyleen, and Lyleen Noct.


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