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Frostallion (Japanese: グレイシャル Glacial) is an Ice icon.png  Ice Element Pal. It has an Dark icon.png  Dark element variation, Frostallion Noct.


Frostallion is a Pegasus with white fur and wings, its mane and tails are grey. It's adorned with chunks of ice on its hooves, legs and forehead.

Behavior and habitat

Frostallion can only be found in the wild as a Level 50 Alpha Pal, it's usually passive until attacked.

Once engaged in combat Frostallion is hyper aggressive in it's attacks, chaining multiple attacks in rapid succession. Unless properly prepared, players at max level may find defeating the Frostalion Alpha a challenge.

Daytime Frostallion Spawns
Nightime Frostallion Spawns


As a Legendary Pal, it comes with the Legend passive skill. These skills are able to be passed down to Pals via breeding.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.1 to 0.12.
    • Introduced.



  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #060 on 11/02/24:
  • This pal was named by the community during a name This Pal event.
  • Their name may come from the words frost and stallion.
  • Frostallion may be inspired by Pegasus, a Greek mythological horse with wings.
  • As Alpha Pals cannot be Lucky, wild Frostallion can never have the Lucky Passive Skill. The only way to breed it, is with itself. This is however untrue with its Sub-Species Frostallion Noct icon.png  Frostallion Noct as the Pal needed to breed with it can be Lucky.
  • When Mounted, all inventory food is considered being Cooled, and will not spoil.


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