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Vixy (Japanese: タマモ Tamamo) is a Neutral icon.png  Neutral element Pal.


Vixy is a small fox-like Pal with an oversized head and messy hair. The majority of its fur is a blonde color, with white on its face, the tip of its tail and its paws. There is a large section of fur in front that is a cream color. The bangs to the side of its head and the front have yellow tips. Its eyes are human-like, and it has two protrusions on the sides of its head that could possibly be a second set of ears.

Behavior and habitat

This free spirit is typically found running about in the left side of the map. This pal is highly valued early game for its innate ability to find Pal Spheres at a very quick rate. Loves to dig and play.

Daytime Vixy Spawns
Nightime Vixy Spawns


Vixy is able to dig for items in the Ranch. Within the Ranch it will produce Pal Spheres, Gold Coins and arrows.

They say it releases a powerful pheromone that causes confusion and impedes one's ability to make decisions.

Farming icon.png  Farming Produce

This is based on the partner skill leveling up when using a Pal Essence Condenser.

Rank 1-2:

Rank 3:

Rank 4:

Rank 5:



  • This Pal was featured in Paldeck #045 on 01/12/2023:
  • Bucky denied that this Pal was called Vixy. However, the truth came to light once a new page for Palworld was revealed in 24/11/2023.
  • Depresso's Paldeck entry mentions it feeding lone Vixy.
  • Vixy's name may come from the word vixen, a female fox.
  • Its Japanese name may come from 玉藻前 Tamano-no-Mae, a legendary figure of Japanese mythology who was an extremely beautiful and intelligent courtesan of Emperor Konoe, which, according to legend, was also secretly a fox with magical powers disguised as a human.


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