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Flopie (Japanese: ポプリーナ Potpourrina) is a Grass icon.png  Grass element Pal.


Flopie is a joyful looking floating small fae-like Pal that resembles both a rabbit and a cat. Its body is a light cream color with pink hands and feet. The soles of its lower limbs feature a simple pinkish red foot pad. The head of Flopie is covered by a bright pink fluffy hair ending in large pigtails and ears that are tipped with gradients of light orange. The insides of its ears like the bottom of its feet come in a pinkish red. It has two green leaves on its chest that give the resemblance to a bowtie or bonnet. It has a puffy tail that is a similar green to its leaves. On the side of its head, an orange hibiscus flower can be seen. When its eyes are open, they are shown to be a golden yellow, framed by winged eyelashes.

Behavior and habitat

A peaceful creature more commonly found wandering through the forests around Mount Flopie. This Pal will run away from the player on sight.

Daytime Flopie Spawns
Nightime Flopie Spawns


Flopie is able to ???.


    • Increased the Alpha Received Damage Rate from 0.2 to 0.24.
    • Introduced.



Paldeck No.037 FLOPIE - Palworld Gameplay Pocketpair