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Health icon.png  Health, also known as Health Points or HP, is a statistic belonging to every player and Pal.

All players and Pals begin with a predetermined amount of maximum Health, also referred in game as Max Health. Players start the game with 500 health points, but they can upgrade it with levels and by wearing Armor.


Both players and Pals can regenerate Health over time. Players and Pals can recover Health faster when they sleep on a Bed, but Pals also recover faster when they are inside the Palbox icon.png  Palbox.

Adjusting Regeneration Rates

Health regeneration can be adjusted in game/server configs:

  • PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate changes the passive regeneration for players.
  • PlayerAutoHPRegeneRateInSleep changes the regeneration while sleeping on a bed for players.
  • PalAutoHPRegeneRate changes the passive regeneration for Pals.
  • PalAutoHPRegeneRateInSleep changes the Pals' regeneration while sleeping on a bed or while stored in a Palbox.

Partner Skills

Health points can also be healed by some Partner Skills:

All the healing partnerskills share the Partner Skill Heal icon.png icon.