Victor and Shadowbeak

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Victor Ashford is the leader of the Pal Genetic Research Unit icon.png  Pal Genetic Research Unit faction and owner of the artificially enhanced Pal Shadowbeak icon.png  Shadowbeak as a partner. Victor is located in the tower of the Pal Genetic Research Unit in the Astral Mountains, in the Land of Absolute Zero.


Victor is a tall, scrawny man with disheveled white hair with black streaks, and a blindfold obscuring his eyes. His attire is arguably the simplest of the tower bosses, consisting of a black longcoat, the belt of which hangs loose off the back, plus black gloves and boots.


An ambitious and ruthless commander, he seeks to create an "ultimate life form" through genetic manipulation and selective breeding, as well as futuristic technology utilising the energies that Pals possess. He's also a mad scientist who performs experiments on Pals to turn them into bioweapons, with Shadowbeak apparently being his first success.

Character Trivia

  • According to concept art released by Pocketpair's Discord server, his eyes were intended to be red in colour.
  • Victor's introduction animation depicts him with the ability to levitate into the air with an unspecified power.
  • As he shares his surname with the Resident Evil villain Alexander Ashford, he might be inspired by him, particularly in his motivations. His attitude and personality though, are more reminiscent of Albert Wesker.
  • Victor's overall design is almost identical to 2B from NiER with similar dark bandaging, clothing and white hair.


We must question whether Pals inherently possess a distinct energy source essential for their own existence. Further investigation is required.

Victor Ashford



  • If the player has captured Victor and Shadowbeak via the use of a glitch, they cannot be ridden as a mount even if the player has crafted the item needed to do so.