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Crafting items is an important mechanic in Palworld.


To craft new Items, you must first unlock the relevant Technology. Technology points can be gained from leveling up, discovering new fast travel points (Great Eagle Statue), and from drops such as Innovative Technology Manual. Some items require higher tiers of crafting stations in order to craft.

Crafting Speed

Players can increase their Handiwork icon.pngHandiwork speed through level up stat points, along with the use of items like the Pendant of Diligence and various Food items. Pals' Handiwork icon.pngHandiwork speeds can be increased by sacrificing other pals at the Pal Essence Condenser, upgrading them with Pal Souls at a Statue of Power, or by eating Food that increases work speed. Currently, Anubis is the only pal able to reach Handiwork icon.pngHandiwork level 5, making it the fastest crafter available at this time.

Crafting Stations