Zoe and Grizzbolt

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Zoe Rayne is the current leader of the Rayne Syndicate icon.png  Rayne Syndicate and owner of the electric Pal Grizzbolt icon.png  Grizzbolt as a partner. Zoe is located in the Rayne Syndicate tower which is located in the starting region, Windswept Hills.


Zoe is a young lady in her late adolescent years, wearing a delinquent/punkish attire consisting of a knitted cap with cat ear-like protrusions, a short collared jacket with a red armband worn on the left sleeve, a tube top with a black marking resembling that of her Grizzbolt, a two-layered short skirt secured by a belt, a torn stocking worn on the right leg, and a belt worn on the left leg, all in a black and pink colour palette. Her eyes are a pink colour and her long hair is tied up in two high pigtails; the left one is black, while the right one is pink. Hanging off her left hip is a super-deformed toy of Grizzbolt.


Abandoned as a child, she was raised by Grizzbolt and the members of the Rayne Syndicate, which her father founded. She states she was only kept alive because she was the daughter of one of their bosses. She also states that she doesn't believe that the Syndicate care about her. (A belief she still holds even after working her way to the top of their ranks.) According to her, this only adds more fuel to her will to survive, knowing any sort of weakness would cause them to turn on her.

Character Trivia

  • She is 19 years old, judging by time scales from the various diary entries.
  • The only reason why she is the de-facto leader of the Rayne Syndicate is because her father was the former leader, though that did not stop the other members from abusing her.
  • Zoe likes the philosophy of the Free Pal Alliance, even though the Rayne Syndicate is in a "forever war" with them.
  • Zoe's only friend is her Pal Grizzbolt.
  • She knows nothing about the world other than the island, though she'd like to. (Unfortunately for her, nobody else in the Syndicate knows the answers, either.)
  • She is skilled, but naïve. She fights well but doesn't know who or why she's fighting. She writes about this twice in her diary.
  • The Rayne Syndicate are the first human enemies the player encounters, and defeating Zoe completes the tutorial.


That's why I know I have no choice but to survive in this tiny little world.

Zoe Rayne

I don't have a family. My father disappeared a long time ago and I've never seen my mother's face.

Zoe Rayne



  • If the player has captured Zoe and Grizzbolt via the use of a glitch, they can be ridden as a mount if the player has crafted "Grizzbolt's Minigun". However, the button prompt to fire the minigun will be replaced with the ability's filename.