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Characters played by real life people are referred to as Players in Palworld.

Players can do a multitude of activities in the game, including interacting with Pals.


The player's Shield is represented by a blue bar placed over the top of their health. Damage dealt to the player is dealt to the player's Shield instead; additionally, large hits which exceed the player's current Shield do not "overflow" into the player's Health, thus guaranteeing the player survives at least one hit. Partially or fully depleted shields will recover over time, faster than the player's health does.

The player has 0 Shield by default, and they need to equip an item to their Shield slot in order to increase it. The valid Shield items include:

Shield Amount
Common Shield icon.png  Common Shield 100
Mega Shield icon.png  Mega Shield 260
Giga Shield icon.png  Giga Shield 540
Hyper Shield icon.png  Hyper Shield 1045


Health is represented by a green bar and a heart icon. When the player's Health reaches 0, they are downed and will drop a Death Chest.

Going Down

If a player's Health goes down to 0, they will go down if a Guild icon.png  Guild member is online and currently alive. In this case, the Guild member will be able to revive them.

Otherwise, the player will die.


When a player dies, they drop the items in their inventory and the Pals in their party. The inventory will be stored in a small bag, called Death Chest by the game files.

The death chest and Pals dropped will be marked on the map and compass with a Compass Death icon.png icon, and a beacon that can be seen from a far distance will be shown to the player, until they or a guild member claims the bag and its items. If the world settings allow it, other players may also take the bag and Pals.

Death Bags and dropped Pals never despawn on timer. Instead, maximum of 9 Death Bags only existed per player. That means, if a player died after having 9 death bags in the world, a new Death Bag will be created, but the oldest Death Bag will be removed.

Items dropped can be picked at any elevation, as long as the player is close to the beacon.


Food is represented by an orange bar and a bread icon. The player must consume Food in order to keep Hunger at bay, and if the player's Food depletes too much, the player's stats will decrease, and eventually they will start to take starvation damage. Note that starvation damage cannot down the Player or their Pals.


Temperature is represented by a notched semi-circle with an arrow pointing in it. In extremely hot or cold environments, the arrow will move in the respective direction, and if the arrow is in one of the colored rectangles, the player will take damage over time, ignoring Shields. The intensity of the damage over time is indicated by the color of the rectangle.

Equipping certain Armor and Accessories will increase the player's tolerance for extreme temperatures, increasing the temperature required to take damage and decreasing the damage taken in those temperatures. Additionally, some Mounts provide immunity to Heat, Cold, or both.


Players can make use of items, such as tools, Food and Weapons. Upon knockout, the player drops a death chest, which holds player's inventory (and Pals if the difficulty is set to Hard).

Equipment Slots

A player has certain slots dedicated to equip gear:

Key Items

Players can also carry Key Items. Key Items are used for a variety of things, most notably as Pal Gear in order to unlock Partner Skills. Key Items do not have any weight.


Players have 6 stats that can be boosted to improve their performance, similar to Pals.





Work Speed



Players can make use of Pals for a multitude of activities.


Players can sleep in Beds to pass through the night.


While playing in Multiplayer, Players may enter into a Guild with one or more other players. Players in the same Guild share Bases, and may access workstations built by other players in their guild. They may also open storage built by other players if it is not password protected.

Players cannot open storage or access workstations built by players in other Guilds.