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Spheres are items use to capture Pals. Spheres have varying levels of Capture Power, and lower-level spheres will eventually become completely ineffective against stronger Pals. Spheres have an increased capture chance if thrown from behind the Pal. Spheres are unlocked through the Technology tree and crafted at the Sphere Workbench or the Sphere Assembly Line.


Name Capture Power Tech Level Tech Cost
Pal Sphere icon.pngPal Sphere 7 2 1
Mega Sphere icon.pngMega Sphere 14 14 2
Giga Sphere icon.pngGiga Sphere 20 20 3
Hyper Sphere icon.pngHyper Sphere 26 27 3
Ultra Sphere icon.pngUltra Sphere 32 35 4
Legendary Sphere icon.pngLegendary Sphere 37 44 5

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